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How to Stream & Watch Fios TV On Roku [2024 Guide]


Fios TV, popular as Verizon Fios in the giant market, is a cable service that functions via fiber optics and has a huge audience of 5 million customers in the USA. It enables you to stream live channels and on-demand media content with its huge content library consisting of 425+ channels. Fortunately, Fios TV is compatible with Roku devices, therefore, you can easily stream its content being a Roku holder.

Additionally, FiOS TV on Roku attracts more and more users with its internet services. It enables you to enjoy FiOS TV subscription with the internet services. So if you have a TV cable subscription there is good news for you. You can enjoy the FiOS TV content for free. This article is based on the methods to stream FiOS TV on Roku device just like a pro.

Let’s have a closer look at it!

Features of Fios TV on Roku 

Fios TV offers various useful and valuable features to provide the best entertainment service to their users. Some of these features are listed below.

  • It enables you to save and download your favorite program to stream it later without the internet.
  • To make the interface more friendly and interactive you are allowed to create a Channel List including your favorite shows.
  • In the case of streaming international content, you can benefit from its closed captioning or subtitles feature.
  • Depending on your streaming activity it gives you updates and recommendations regarding your favorite shows.
  • It enables you to create bookmarks and buy the on-demand content.

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Fios TV Subscription Plans and Pricing

Fios TV is a subscription-based streaming platform that comes up with four main plans. The details of these plans are mentioned below.

  • The most Fios TV: It charges $110 per month.
  • More Fios TV: It costs $90 every month.
  • Your Fios TV: It demands $70 as a monthly payment.
  • Fios TV test drive: This plan is available in exchange for $70 monthly.

You can also subscribe to any of the above-mentioned plans by visiting the official subscription website of Fios TV (

Famous Channels on Fios TV 

Some of the most streamed and loved channels offered by Fios TV are listed below.

  • Univision
  • MSNBC 
  • ABC 
  • Discovery Channel 
  • Telemundo 
  • NFL Network 
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • Comedy Central 
  • NBC 

How To Get Fios TV on Roku 

Fios TV is not officially available on the Roku Channel Store. Therefore, you cannot download it directly on your Roku TV. But why do you fear when Roku Master is here? Hahaha! Just trying to give you a moment to release your stress altogether, because I have a solution to this problem. You can stream Fios TV on Roku via the screen casting feature. You can use the below-listed devices to do so.

  1. Screen Mirroring Using Android Devices 
  2. Screen Mirroring through iOS Devices 
  3. Screen Mirroring Via PC

Screen Mirroring Fios TV on Roku Through Android Devices 

Before initiating this process it is very crucial to enable the screen mirroring feature on your Roku TV. After that, you have to follow the given steps in the given order.

  • Hop to the Google Play Store and install the Fios TV app.
  • Your Roku TV and the Android Device should be connected to a stable and identical internet connection.
  • Pull down the notification bar and tap on the Cast icon.
  • Next, click on your specific Roku TV from the available list of devices.
  • You will see your Android device’s screen shared on your Roku TV.
  • Open the Fios TV app on your Android Device and Sign in to your Fios account.
  • Lastly, select the content you want to watch and enjoy streaming Fios on your Roku TV.

Screen Mirror Fios TV on Roku Through iOS Devices 

Make sure that your Roku TV is updated to the latest version. Then, hop to the Settings menu. From there, tap on the Apple Airplay and Homekit options. Now, scroll to the Apple Airplay and Homekit Settings. Lastly, enable the AirPlay feature.

Once you are done with it, follow the below-mentioned steps mindfully.

  • Hop to the App Store and install the Fios TV app.
  • Make sure that your iOS device is paired with the internet network with which your Roku TV is connected.
  • From the Control Center on your iOS device press on the Screen Mirroring icon.
  • Right after that your device will start scanning all the nearby devices and generate a list of them. Choose your specific Roku TV from the displayed list of devices.
  • After this step, you will see the screen of your iOS device being shared on your Roku TV.
  • Using your iOS device launch the Fios TV app and enter your account details to log in.
  • Congratulations! Now you can enjoy Fios TV on your Roku device just by choosing and playing the content you want to stream.

Screen Mirroring Fios TV on Roku Via PC 

  • Make sure that both (your Roku TV and PC) devices are connected to a stable and identical WiFi network.
  • Click on the Windows key from the keyboard and hop to the Settings menu.
  • From there, tap on the System option.
  • From the left side window hit on the Display option. Now, scroll down to the Connect to Wireless Display option.
  • Identify your specific Roku TV from the Connect window and tap on it.
  • After this step, you will find that your PC’s screen has started to share on your Roku TV.
  • Move ahead to any of the browsers on your PC and visit the official website of Fios TV (
  • Now, provide your account credentials to sign into your Fios account.
  • Select any content and enjoy streaming Fios TV on the big screen of your Roku device.


Q: I can record shows using Fios TV.

A: Yes, it is one of the popular features of Fios TV. It enables you to record your favorite shows or schedule shows to watch later in your free time.

Q: In which form do I get Fios TV support in case of any issues?

A: You can contact customer support using different mediums of communication. It includes call service, self-assurance resources, and online chat on the official website of Fios TV.


To sum up, this article includes all the necessary information about Fios TV. If you are interested in the media content of Fios TV and want to stream it on your Roku TV, use any of your digital devices to mirror it on your Roku TV. So, what are you waiting for to buy any of Fios TV subscriptions as per your preferences and convenience? Don’t miss this opportunity, losing time in thinking for so long. If you have any queries you can contact us anytime without any hesitation. Highly Obligated to have your precious Time!

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