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How to Get IPTV On Samsung TV [2024 Guide]


Do you want to get IPTV on Samsung TV? But don’t know the procedure you should follow for this? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explain how you can get IPTV on your Samsung TV. This means you no longer need to pay a hefty amount for cable. You can say goodbye to monthly cable expenses and enjoy a better streaming experience.

All you need is a Samsung TV to access IPTV, and the best part is that you don’t need to buy a set-top box. However, there’s a lot of confusion around this topic, and users don’t know how to use IPTV on Samsung TVs.  In this guide, we’ll explain this concept in detail.

What Is IPTV?

IPTV is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television. It is a digital media service that allows users to stream television channels available on the Internet. After you complete the installation process of IPTV, you can access a wide range of content according to your preferences. IPTV works on Internet Protocol Technology, so you need to get a subscription from an IPTV provider. It’s different from traditional cable methods. All the media content is generally stored on the transmission end of the server.

This service is accessible on most popular devices, such as Android, iOS, and Smart TVs. You can install an IPTV player from the Samsung app store. However, the procedure for downloading is different. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll explore it without skipping any details.

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How To Get IPTV On Samsung Smart TV?

Several IPTV apps are available in the Samsung app store. You can use any of these services on your Samsung TV just follow the abovementioned method to get IPTV on Samsung TV.

  • First, power on your Samsung TV. Then, connect it to a stable internet connection.
  • Take your remote control and find the Home button. Press it and navigate to the apps section.
  • Go to the search bar. Type Smart IPTV in the search box.
  • A list of search results will appear. You can choose Smart IPTV from this list.
  • Tap on the app and click the Install button to begin the installation process. You can download the Smart IPTV channel on your Samsung TV.

How To Activate Smart IPTV On Samsung Smart TV?

Installing Smart IPTV isn’t enough. You need to activate this app on your Samsung Smart TV. Because that’s how you’ll be able to access exclusive IPTV content.

Just follow the steps below to activate Smart IPTV on your Samsung TV.

  • Go to your preferred browser and visit the official website of Smart IPTV. Now, you need to get a subscription to this streaming site.
  • Launch the smart IPTV on the Samsung TV. In the center of the screen, you’ll see the Mac address. Note it down somewhere.
  • Now go to your PC’s browser and the Smart IPTV activation website.
  • Here, add the Mac address you noted earlier in the box. Add the M3U link provided by the IPTV provider.
  • Tap on the send button. A pop-up will appear on the bottom of your screen stating, “1 URL added! Restart your app.” That’s all you need to do to activate the smart IPTV on your Samsung TV.

How To Stream IPTV On Samsung TV Via Browser?

There’s another method for streaming Smart IPTV on Samsung TV. Using an internet browser, you can access advanced IPTV players. Meanwhile, the web IPTV player is an online player that is flexible for connecting with devices that have browser support. Now, let’s look at the steps you should follow to access IPTV content on Samsung TV with the help of a web IPTV player.

  • Turn on your Samsung TV and connect it to a strong internet connection.
  • Now, navigate to the Home button on your Samsung TV remote. Press it to find the internet tile.
  • Look for the search bar on the browser. Now, type the URL here.
  • Go to the IPTV website and fill in the M3U link. It is generally provided by the IPTV provider.
  • Hit the watch button. Now, you only need to wait for the content to load seamlessly on your Samsung TV.
  • After loading, play any IPTV content you want to stream on your Samsung TV.

Best IPTV Players For Samsung Smart TV

There are many IPTV apps on the Samsung app store. As of now, more than 110 IPTV player apps are available for users of Smart Samsung TV. Some of the most popular ones are listed below. 

Best IPTV Players For Samsung Smart TV
ELK PlayerBay TV
Smart One IBO Player 
BOB PlayerDuplex IPTV


Q: Do I Need A VPN For Smart IPTV?

A: IPTV provides access to a wide range of excellent content that can elevate users’ streaming experience. However, to get the most out of your IPTV player, you need to buy a subscription. Some content on IPTV is geo-restricted. So, what should you do? To access that content, you can use a VPN service. 

Q: Does IPTV Work On Any TV?

A: Yes. It’s possible to use IPTV on any TV. If you’re using a non-smart TV, you’ll need a Firestick to access IPTV. That’s how you can turn your regular TV into a smart internet-enabled device. 

Q: Is IPTV Safe?

A: Many users have used IPTV services and have not noticed any issues. To ensure your safety, you can use a VPN application. Various VPN apps are available on the app store. Make sure you are using a VPN from a credible and reliable source.


With this article, you should have enough understanding regarding how to install IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. But if you’re still facing any issues streaming IPTV on your TV, don’t hesitate to ask us. Reach out to us via email or leave your comment below. Do you want to enhance your streaming experience and enjoy watching your favorite content? You don’t need to do it yourself and experiment with different specifications of your Samsung TV. Just check out our detailed guides here. To access it, click here.

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