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How to Install & Activate Xfinity Stream on Roku [In 2024]


If you are a TV lunatic who loves to watch a variety of shows, movies, films, sports, etc— Roku Master has got you covered. Xfinity Stream on Roku is a popular streaming service in the USA. It allows you to stream more than 200 channels and premium content. Moreover, you can access over 250 live and a great variety of VOD content including TV shows, movies, sports, and much more.

If you are a Roku owner you are privileged to install Xfinity Stream directly from the Roku Channel Store. In this article, I will guide you through the ways to download Xfinity Stream on your Roku TV. Also, I will provide you with information about the activation process along with some useful tips and tricks.

Let’s have a close look at it!

Features of Xfinity Stream on Roku TV 

  • You can enjoy the live and recorded TV shows in full HD quality.
  • It enables you to have fun with this service by streaming it on 5 in-home devices and 3 outside devices simultaneously.
  • You can stream your favorite content when offline by saving it with 150 hours of cloud DVR storage.
  • You can also download your favorite media content to stream it anytime without the internet.
  • You can avail of the Chromecast feature if needed as it is a part of the Xfinity app by default.

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Xfinity Stream Subscription 

In order to stream the Xfinity Stream on your Roku device, you have to own an Xfinity internet service. You must have to buy any of the Xfinity subscription plans such as ( Xfinity TV, Xfinity on campus, or Instant TV) to access the Xfinity app. From the official website of Xfinity, you can get detailed information about the broadband plans offered by it.

How To Install Xfinity Stream on Roku TV 

  • Power on your Roku TV and press the Home key on your remote to hop to the Roku’s Home screen.
  • Select the Streaming Channels option from the Home screen.
  • Scroll to the Search Channels option and tap on it. Then, type Xfinity Stream on the Search panel to locate the required app.
  • Identify the specific app from the search results provided.
  • Click on the +Add Channel option just below the app’s name on the description page.
  • Now, launch the app by tapping on the Go To Channel option.

How To Install Xfinity Stream on Roku TV Via Website 

  • Using any of your digital devices such as a Smartphone or PC, browse the official website of Roku TV.
  • Login to your Roku account.
  • In the Search Field, type Xfinity Stream to locate the specific app.
  • Select the +Add Channel option just below the name of the Xfinity app on the description page.
  • You will get the Xfinity app displayed on the channel list of your Roku TV within a day. However, you can also update your Roku TV to get it instantly.

How To Activate Xfinity Stream on Roku TV 

  • Tap on your Xfinity Stream app and log in to your account.
  • Right after that, an activation code will appear on your Roku TV. Note it carefully.
  • Using your Smartphone or PC browse to the official activation website of Xfinity website (
  • Type the activation code in the required field that you noted earlier. Then, click on the Submit option.
  • Next, log in to your Xfinity Stream account and the app will be fully activated.
  • Congratulations! Now, you can enjoy the Xfinity content on Roku TV.

How To Screen Mirror Xfinity app on Roku TV via Android Devices 

If you don’t want to download Xfinity directly on your Roku TV or having issues like compatibility errors, you can use the screen mirroring feature. Before initiating the process, turn on the screen mirroring feature on your Roku TV. After doing that follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Connect both devices (Roku TV and Smartphone) with a strong and identical WiFi network.
  • From the Play Store locate the Xfinity app and download it on your Smartphone.
  • Scroll down the notification panel and tap on the Cast icon.
  • Select your Roku TV from the available list of devices.
  • Open the Xfinity app and Sign in by providing valid account credentials.
  • If want to stop the screen mirroring, pull down the notification bar and click on the Cast icon. Then, select the Disconnect option.

How To Screen Mirror Xfinity app on Roku TV Through iOS Devices 

If you own iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone and want to screen mirror the Xfinity content using them, follow the given guidelines. Before that turn on the screen mirroring or Airplay feature on your Roku device.

  • Make sure both (Roku TV and your iOS device) are connected to a stable and same internet network.
  • From the App Store download the Xfinity app on your iOS device.
  • Open the app on your iOS device and log in to your account.
  • Select the program you want to stream on the big screen of Roku and tap on the Screen Mirroring or Airplay icon on the top.
  • Lastly, choose your particular Roku device from the displayed list of devices. The content will be shared on your Roku screen.

How To Fix Xfinity Stream Not Working Properly 

In case you are having issues while streaming or downloading the Xfinity channel on your Roku TV, follow the below-mentioned points to fix it without fuss.

  • Connect your Roku TV to a Wi-Fi network having strong signal strength.
  • Shut down the Xfinity app on Roku TV give it a rest for a few seconds and open it again.
  • Make sure that you keep on deleting the cache files from your Roku TV from time to time.
  • To resolve the buffering and sluggish performance of Roku TV, reboot it and retest.
  • To prevent any sort of compatibility issues keep your Roku TV updated to the latest version.
  • Uninstall the Xfinity app from your Roku TV and wait for a few minutes. Then, reinstall the app and retest.
  • If all is the suggested remedies fail, contact the customer support of Roku.


Q: Is Xfinity Stream present on the Roku Channel Store?

A: Yes, it is a legalized app supported by Roku. You can easily install it from the Roku Channel Store. However, to stream the Xfinity content it is crucial to have Xfinity internet service.

Q: Is the 4k streaming available on Roku TV while using Xfinity?

A: Yes, if you have one of the latest models of Roku TV that are compatible with Xfinity, you can enjoy the content in 4k streaming quality.


This article contains detailed information about the Xfinity Stream. From the installation process to the features it offers, every aspect is jotted down in this article. If you are looking for a platform that provides an all-in-one service, you can surely give Xfinity a try. The article is kept very comprehensive and precise to benefit readers from different proficiency levels. In case you face any hurdles in this process, you can contact us. Highly pleased to have your Precious Time!

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