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How to Connect Soundbar To Samsung TV [6 Easy Methods]


Are you annoyed by your SamsungTV’s constant distorted voices and flat sounds? They ruin the entire streaming experience. The truth is that most TV speakers aren’t designed to provide you with a top-notch sound quality experience. But that doesn’t mean there are no ways to improve the sound quality.

A powerful Soundbar is one of the best ways to enhance the sound experience. Although many soundbars are on the market, the Samsung soundbar is considered one of the best. But the real question is, how can you connect the soundbar with your Samsung TV? Is there any way to do it? Yes.  This post will explore the best ways to connect soundbar to Samsung TV. Are you ready to level up your sound experience?

Let’s get started.

6 Methods to Connect Soundbar To Samsung TV

There are many ways to connect the soundbar to Samsung TV. For an effortless connection, try either of these methods.

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Connect Using HDMI


HDMI cable is one of the perfect methods for connecting a soundbar to your Samsung TV. It’s a widely used option that is supported on many modern home entertainment devices. Using an HDMI cable gives you superior audio quality. The audio signals are delivered in top-notch quality, improving the audio experience.

Follow these simple steps to connect.

  • Turn off your soundbar and Samsung TV. Locate the HDMI cord.
  • Connect one end-of-time HDMI cable to the in-port of your Samsung TV. Now connect the other end with the out-port of the soundbar.
  • Turn on the Samsung TV and soundbar. Press and hold the source button until the HDMI display appears. Then, you can easily turn on the TV and change the source to HDMI. 

You can also use external devices to improve the experience even more. A common example is connecting Blu-ray players, which further elevates the sound experience. However, you should use the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature for easy setup. It allows audio transmission from the SamsungTV to the soundbar without a separate audio cable.

Connect Soundbar With Optical Cable


Don’t have an HDMI cable? Then, you can utilize optical cable for excellent audio transmission. It allows you to hear every intricate detail of the sound. Like HDMI cable, optical cable lets you connect with different external devices, expanding your audio options.

Here’s a quick way to connect it.

  • Switch on your Samsung TV and soundbar. Locate the optical cable and connect one end to the SamsungTV’s out port. Meanwhile, connect the other end to a digital out port on your soundbar.
  • Go to the source settings on your soundbar and adjust it accordingly. Press the source button and select the D.IN option to connect the optical cable.
  • You need to ensure that the audio is directed to the soundbar. To do this, adjust the speaker settings on your TV. Go to the SamsungTV settings. Find the options like Quick settings and choose it. Scroll through all the options and tap on the TV Speaker option. Now change it to the Optical external speakers.

Connect Using Aux Cable


It’s one of the traditional methods for connecting a soundbar with your Samsung TV. It’s also reliable; however, the audio quality may not be good, especially compared to HDMI or optical cables.  This connection transmits sound in analog format, but it’s still a good way to enhance your TV sound output.

Follow these steps for proper connection.

  • Switch your SamsungTV and soundbar. In your soundbar, look for Aux In Jack.
  • Now connect one Aux cable with it and connect the other end of the came with your TV Audio Out jack.
  • Go to the soundbar’s source settings and adjust them accordingly. Make sure to switch it to Aux mode.

Connection Through Bluetooth


Using Bluetooth for connection is convenient and better; it’s an excellent wireless approach. It’s supported by different devices, which means you can connect it with different gadgets easily. Moreover, Bluetooth is a low-power alternative, which means it’s suitable for battery-powered gadgets.

It supports the transmission of encrypted and secure data. Connecting your SamsungTV with Bluetooth lets you hear the stereo sound clearly without worrying about cabling. But the real question is how I can connect it with Samsung TV.

Follow these steps

  • On the remote control, click on the Bluetooth icon. This will help you enter the BT PAIRING mode. Another option is pressing the multi-function button at the Soundbar’s top panel. After that, select BT.
  • If there’s a Bluetooth-connected record, it’ll immediately change from BT to BT PAIRING.
  • Hold the Mic On/Off button at the Soundbar’s top panel for more than five seconds to ensure BT PAIRING.
  • On your SamsungTV, click on Bluetooth mode. A list of Soundbar names will appear. If the Soundbar is available for pairing, it will display Paired on your TV Bluetooth device list.
  • Select one of these to establish the connection between your SamsungTV and soundbar. If the Bluetooth pairing is successful, you’ll hear sound from the soundbar.

Bluetooth should be enabled on both devices. But what if it’s turned off on one device? Then, the connection will not be successful. You can only connect with one SamsungTV at a time.

Headphone Jack

If none of the methods seem to work, you should try connecting your Samsung TV using the headphone jack. To do this, you need to adjust your TV settings. But what if you don’t do that? Then it’ll sound really bad.

Here’s how you can connect the Soundbar to your Samsung TV using the headphone jack. Some TVs have an option in settings through which you can change the function of the headphone jack into a line-out connection. It means there’s no need to adjust any sound settings.

Suppose that option isn’t available on your TV. In that case, you should adjust the volume, bass, and treble settings according to your liking. Another thing you should remember is that headphone volume is normally reduced to a greater extent. This is to protect your ears from harm. So you’ve got to turn up the volume and turn it back down when you unplug the soundbar.


Q: Why Won’t My Samsung Soundbar Connect To My TV?

A: This issue is often caused by poor connection, setting problems, or hardware malfunctions. Make sure that the TV is properly set up for connection with external sources. Check that the soundbar is set to the correct source. If the issue persists, reset your Samsung soundbar.

Q: How Do I Control My Soundbar With My TV Remote?

A: If your soundbar is connected to HDMI-ARC, you can easily control it with your TV remote. However, if you’re facing any issues, try reconnecting to the HDMI-ARC post. Then, select the soundbar in your TV’s Sound Output settings.

Q: Is It Better To Connect Soundbar With HDMI Or Optical?

A: Both cables are effective and budget-friendly. However, the biggest difference is that HDMI can easily pass higher-resolution audio. It includes all the formats found on Blu-ray, but these formats are not transmittable across optical. Moreover, HDMI can also pass video signals.


Now, you’ve got a clear step-by-step guide to connecting the soundbar to your SamsungTV. This will improve your TV sound quality. These methods are simple and versatile. It’s a step towards customizing your movie-watching experience according to your preferences. The sound quality may vary depending on the settings you choose. So, experiment with different options and see which works best for you. Still, have any confusion? Then, email our team of experts today. We can help you improve your streaming experience. 

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