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Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV & How to Find [In 2024]

Universal-Remote-Codes-For-SANYo -TV-&-How-to-Find-[In-2024]

Controlling your TV has become much easier if you use remote codes. These codes hold a unique numerical value through which you can easily access your favorite streaming services. When you enter a specific code for the TV, your television will react accordingly. It’s just like a cheat code you use in any survival game. Based on the cheat code, your television will perform a relevant function.

But how do I find these codes? How can you program your universal remote for these codes? Is there any way to do it? This article answers all these questions and how to utilize your universal remote to its fullest potential. So, let’s dig in.

Where To Find Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV?


There are many ways to find general electric universal remote codes for SANYO TV. One of the most common methods is to visit Sanyo’s website. You can also check the manual for your Sanyo TV, which lists universal remote codes. Contacting customer support is another option that you can consider for this purpose.

However, there’s a much easier and quicker way to find universal remote codes for SANYO TV—this Article.  We have compiled a detailed list of the best Sanyo TV universal remote codes you shouldn’t miss.

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Common Universal Remote Codes for SANYO TV 

5-Digit Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV

Universal codes can level up your streaming experience. Here are some of the 5-digit universal remote codes for SANYO TV.

5-Digit Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV

4-Digit Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV

Every universal remote TV has a set of codes. With an appropriate set of codes, you can figure out and program your universal remote accordingly. These 4-digit codes ensure the proper configuration of your Sanyo TV with other streaming devices.

4-Digit Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV

3-Digit Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV

If you want to program your remote to stream devices, 3-digit synchronizing remote codes are a must. Here’s a list of some 3-digit codes for your universal remote that you should know.

3-Digit Universal Remote Codes For SANYO TV

Sanyo TV Codes For Universal Remote List


If you have a Sanyo universal remote, controlling your smart devices is easy. But it’s important to know the right remote codes and when to program your remote.

Brand of RemoteSANYO Code
RCA 1196 10801180
Phillips06120506 0311
One For All0049 01100097
GE CL31051 08011161
GE0180 01080012

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

Now that you know most of the universal remote codes for SANYO TV, let’s explore them further and find more codes.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

Universal Remote Codes for Different Devices

Universal remote codes are easily accessible. Here are some more remote codes that’ll be beneficial for you

DevicesUniversal Remote Codes for Different Devices
DVD Player 090404161919
VCR 0304 02670248
Laser Disc0232
DVD-Recorders + RW0904

Remember that all the universal codes regarding the auto-search method are scanned on the remote. One code is scanned at a time to ensure that the correct code is programmed. Here’s how you can do this.

  • Power on your Smart device, aka SANYO TV, in this case. Turn on the remote and tap the device button for at least 3 seconds. The LED light shows that the device is ready for programming.
  • Point the remote towards the device. Now click on the CH+ and CH- switches. The remote will display on or off signals. Continuously click on the up and down keys until the device turns off.
  • Click on the power button to verify the code accurately. The device will now turn on. When it starts, change the channel to analyze whether the remote is correctly programmed.
  • Tap on the device button to save the code. If the device’s LED blinks, it’s a confirmation that the code is successfully saved.

How to Program Sanyo Universal Remote With Manual Method

If you have the key code, you can easily program a universal remote. If you want to program a universal remote manually, follow this step-by-step process.

  • Turn your device on. Now, find the TV button on your universal remote and press it.
  • Press the Setup button on the remote. Keep pressing it until the Light Flash appears.
  • Enter the key code you collected from the programming booklet or relevant source.
  • After this, point your remote on the television and hold the power button. Release it when the screen turns black.
  • Now, the device will work perfectly with universal remote codes. If it’s still not working, then trust the procedure but add a different code.

What if you can’t find the key code suitable for your device? What’s the solution for this?

In that case, you can set up your universal remote to search mode for the accurate one. Through this code, the remote is forced into the search mode.

  • Turn on your device and press the Setup button. Enter the 3-digit coffee, which is 991.
  • Now, hold down the Power button on the remote.
  • Now press on the Channel up. Keep doing it until the device means your TV powers off.

This method may take time, but you can find the perfect key code. After doing this, your remote will perform all the functions accurately.

Tips For Troubleshooting Sanyo Remote Codes

Some users complain that they add the code, but nothing happens. Why is it not working? What’s the issue here? There can be several reasons behind the troubleshooting problem. But here are a few tips to help you solve it.

  • Ensure that you’re adding the right remote code.
  • Check the batteries in your remote. If necessary, replace them with new ones.
  • Follow the instructions step-by-step. A slight mistake can lead to an error.


Q: What Is A Simple Universal Remote?

A: With this device, you can control audio and video devices in your home, making watching your favorite TV shows easier than ever. You can control multiple electronic devices, such as TVs, DVD players, and sound systems, typically using infrared (IR) signals. These devices usually have basic functions like power, volume, channel, and input controls.

Q: Does Universal Remote Control All TV?

A: The universal TV remote operates with almost all TV models, which is why it’s considered a must-have. If you’re using an older model of TV, your Android device should have the infrared function. But if you’re using a modern television, both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Q: How Do I Know Which Universal Remote I Have?

A: You can find it easily, as it’s present on the bottom of the remote near the brand logo. It’s also at the back, side, or top of the remote. In short, the location may vary depending on the brand you’re using. If it’s not present in any of these places, then look inside the battery compartment.


By now, you should have a perfect list of universal remote codes. You can use them for your favorite SANYO device, and then you only need to program them with SANYO TV. It can level up your streaming experience. Facing any issues in accessing your TV using these remote codes? Share your query in the comment section below or contact us via email. Our team is available to assist you and find a solution.

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