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All 3,4,5 Digit Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


Using a universal remote can elevate your streaming experience. However, to unlock its features, you must know the universal remote codes for Sharp TVs. Sharp TV remote codes are unique and come in different ranges, such as 3, 4, or 5-digit formats. You can use them for various TV models, such as Aquos and Elite Sharp TVs. Once you know the remote codes, it’s time to program them. After programming, you’ll be able to access basic to advanced features such as adjusting the volume, changing inputs and channels, and much more. 

In this article, you’ll learn all these aspects in detail. First, we’ll discuss universal remote codes for Sharp TV and then show you how to program it using different methods. 

So keep reading. 

General Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


First, look at some of the general universal remote codes for Sharp TV. These are 3,4, and 5-digit codes that can be used to access various features. 

Let’s explore these in detail. 

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3 Digit Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


4 Digit Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


5 Digit Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


Brand-Specific Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV 

Now that you know about general universal remote codes for Sharp TV, let’s look at some brand-specific codes. These codes will help you elevate your streaming according to your brand. Let’s dive deeper and explore them more. 

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


GE & One-For-All Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


Philips Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


Comcast Xfinity Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV


More Brands Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV

Brands Specific Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV 
Sky 081527041687
Dish Network129 105091026128

How To Program Universal Remote To Sharp Smart TV


Users often get confused when using a universal remote for Sharp TV. If you’re also a first-time user, follow these instructions to pair your universal remote with a Sharp TV. 

  • Navigate to the TV button on your remote and press it to turn on your Sharp TV. 
  • Hold the Setup button for a few seconds on your universal button. Leave when you see the light flash on it. 
  • When your remote enters the Learning Mode, type the correct universal remote code according to your remote brand. 
  • Hit the Power button on the universal remote. Now, wait until Sharp TV is completely turned off. 
  • Turn on the Sharp TV using your universal remote. If it works, you’ve used the right code. 
  • If it fails to work, follow the same steps mentioned in this article but use a different code. 

How to Pair Universal Remote With Sharp Smart TV Using Code Search Method


There are several lists of Sharp TV universal codes. How can you find the accurate code for your Sharp TV? This process can be extremely frustrating and annoying. That’s why here’s an effective alternative method for pairing your universal remote with Sharp TV. 

Follow the procedure mentioned below step-by-step. 

  • Turn on your Sharp TV. Press the Setup button on your universal remote for a few seconds. 
  • Now, use the three-digit universal code 991. 
  • After entering the code, hold the Power button on your universal remote. Press the Channel Up (CH+) button.
  • Wait until your Sharp TV turns off. 
  • With the Power button on the universal remote, turn on your Sharp TV. Now, you can successfully control your Sharp TV using a universal remote. 

How To Pair Universal Remote With Sharp Smart TV Without Using Codes


There are several ways to connect a Sharp TV and a universal remote. If you are unable to pair them with the help of a code, then you should use the auto-search method. It’s a great method for scanning the Sharp TV codes for your remote. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

  • After turning on your Sharp TV, press DVD, TV, or CBL. Now, hit the OK or SEL buttons on the universal remote together for about 3 seconds. 
  • Keep pressing the buttons until the LED light turns on. 
  • Now, hit the Channel Down (CH-) and Channel Up (CH+) buttons on the universal remote. 
  • Wait until the TV turns off. Till then, keep pressing buttons. 
  • To check the code, turn on your Sharp TV by pressing the Power or On buttons. 
  • To check pairing, use a universal remote and see if it’s working properly with Sharp TV.


Q: How Can I Find My TV Code For A Universal Remote?

A: Every TV comes with a TV manual. It contains a list of 4-digit codes. Look for a section related to universal remote codes and how to set them up. But what if you don’t have a TV manual or have lost it? Then, you should visit the manufacturer’s website to find a detailed copy of the manual. 

Q: Can I Use Sharp TV Universal Remote Codes For  Sharp Aquos TV?

A: Absolutely. It doesn’t matter what model or OS you’re using. Almost all Sharp TVs have a similar code. These codes are specific to the remote model and not based on the model of your Sharp TV. 

Q: What Is My Sharp TV Model Number?

A: The model and serial numbers are on the back of the Sharp TV and the front cover of the user manual. Knowing your TV’s model number can be difficult, but you can easily find it with these methods.

Q: How do I use Philips Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV?

A: Here are all the details on using Philips universal remote codes for Sharp TV.


Every universal remote brand has a paper manual that includes all the codes. You can configure it with several remote-controlled devices, such as TVs, DVD players, etc. You can check the manual or search it online. However, this article covers almost all the universal codes for Sharp TVs, so you can control your devices without any hassle. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today. We are available to assist you with all TV-related queries. If you want to know more about your TV and any general features, then check out this premium guide now.

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