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How to Install Bravo App on Roku Without Cable In 2024


Bravo app on Roku, the most popular and trending streaming platform especially in America, enables you to enjoy Live TV, movies, and other media content. Additionally, or allows you to have fun watching the latest as well as past episodes of blockbuster series. Moreover, similar to many online streaming platforms Bravo app on Roku enables you to stream on-demand content through the Universal Network of NBC. It includes USA, SYFY, E!, NBC, etc

The Roku users can simply hop to the Channel Store and get the relevant app installed on their Roku TV. But, the Bravo app does not offer any independent subscription plan. The main catch here is to have an active cable subscription to Sign into the installed app. This is because you have to enter the account details of your TV cable provider to Sign into the Bravo app and enjoy streaming its entertaining content.

In this article, you will get to know the installation and activation process of the Bravo app. Other than that, I will let you some live streaming services that you can use to stream the specific app without a TV cable subscription.

Let’s dive deep into it!

Features Offered By Bravo App

  • You can enjoy an extensive content library with sophisticated and organized controls of the Bravo app.
  • The Bravo app enables you to stream video content in full HD quality without any compromise on the quality.
  • It comprises an interactive and user-friendly interface to enable you to explore the most out of this streaming platform.
  • You can create a special watch list or wishlist incorporating all your favorite shows.
  • It allows you to watch some specific content with the subtitles facility on your Roku TV.

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Pricing of Bravo App

As I mentioned earlier, the Bravo app offers no Sign-in subscription plans to its users. It only demands a TV cable provider account that you can use to activate this app on your respective streaming device. After a successful Sign-in, you can stream the content of the Bravo app without any barrier.

How To Install Bravo on Roku TV 

  • Launch your Roku TV and get direct on the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote.
  • Next, click on the Streaming Channels option from the left side pane.
  • Scroll down to the Search Channels option to locate the desired app.
  • Type Bravo in the Search field and tap on the desired app from the result outcomes.
  • It will navigate you to the info page of the app. From there, select the Add Channel option to proceed.
  • It will take a few minutes to download the app properly. Once the download is completed, tap on the OK button.

Alternative Ways To Install The Bravo App on Roku TV 

If you are facing difficulty to download the app directly on your Roku TV, you can use your Smartphone or PC to do so. Here are the steps to get it done without any mess.

  • Browse to the official website of Roku Channel Store via your Smartphone or PC.
  • Select the Sign in button and provide your account information to get into it.
  • Move the cursor to the Search bar on the top and type Bravo using the keyboard.
  • Pick the Bravo app from the available list of apps.
  • It will bring you to the description page of that app. From there, select the Add Channel option.
  • You will find the app on your Roku TV within 24 hours. Also, you can update your Roku TV to get it instantly on your Roku device.

How To Activate the Bravo App on Roku TV 

After installation, now it’s your turn to activate the Bravo app using the account details of the TV cable provider. Follow the below-mentioned points to get it done without any issues.

  • Open the Bravo app by tapping on it.
  • An activation code will pop up on your Roku TV screen. Note it carefully.
  • Using your Smartphone or PC, visit the official activation website of Bravo TV. You can tap on the provided link to visit the specific website ( 
  • Type the activation code you noted earlier on the website and click on the Continue option.
  • Now, log in by inserting your TV cable provider account details in the respective field. This step will verify your account.
  • It will take a few seconds to verify the account and activation code. After that, you can enjoy streaming the Bravo app on your Roku TV.
how to sign out of bravo app on roku

How To Stream Bravo App on Your Roku TV Without Cable Connection 

In case you do not have a TV cable subscription and even don’t have any plans to get it, you can enjoy the Bravo app via live streaming services. Following are the live-streaming platforms that support the content of the Bravo app.

  • Sling TV 
  • YouTube TV 
  • Fubo TV 

Sling TV 


Sling TV is a renowned streaming service through which you can easily stream Bravo content on your Roku TV. There are three subscription plans for Sling TV that support this app. The first one is the Sling TV Blue package which enables you to stream 45+ channels in exchange for $40 every month. The second one is the Sling TV Orange package which gives you access to more than 41 channels at the rate of $40 per month. In the last comes the Sling TV Blue+Orange package that allows you to stream over 47 channels. It costs $55 as a monthly subscription.

For further information, you can visit the official website of Sling TV (

YouTube TV 


YouTube TV is the most streamed and trusted streaming service. The subscription plan for YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month. It enables you to enjoy streaming the content of the Bravo app on your Roku TV with the exemption of miscellaneous charges. You can visit the official website of YouTube TV to get the latest information and subscribe to the plan (

Fubo TV 


Although FuboTV is famous for streaming sports channels, it also supports the content of the Bravo app. You can enjoy the particular service by subscribing to any of the three plans offered by Fubo TV. The first one is the Pro Plan 149 channels against $74.99 monthly. Also, you can claim a free trial period of 30 days under this plan. The second one is the Elite Plan which gives you access to 209 channels in exchange for $84.99 per month. This plan also gives you the facility of a free trial period of 30 days.

Lastly comes the Premier Plan which allows you to stream 218 channels. It costs $94.99 monthly and offers a free trial period of 30 days as well. Visit the official website of FuboTV to get further details (


Q: Can I install and hop into the Bravo app directly via the Roku Channel Store?

A: No, well you can locate the Bravo app on the Roku Channel Store but for the Sign-in you need to have a proper TV cable subscription.

Q: How much does it cost to enjoy the Bravo app via Sling TV?

A: Sling TV enables you to enjoy the Bravo app content with a monthly subscription charge of $30 every month.


This article serves as a complete directory to install and stream the Bravo app on your Roku TV. If you enjoy binge-watching late at night, get the Bravo app instantly to boost your entertainment experience. So, just hold your Wingstop with ranch seasoning and enjoy streaming the latest movies and series via the Bravo app. After reading this article thoroughly you can easily install this app on your Roku TV. If you face any problems in this process you can contact us. Thanks for your valuable Time!

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