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Top 10 Hisense TV Problems [Causes & Effective Solution]


Despite being popular in the market for its variety of features and affordable prices, Hisense TV has some common problems. The users can confront these problems at any time during the usage period. Hisense TV Problems have numerous benefits, but nothing is perfect; there always come some flaws along with the advantages. In this article, I will discuss some common problems that Hisense TV may have. Also, I will jot down the primary reasons for these problems and amazing solutions to fix them. 

This article will be highly beneficial for the current users of Hisense TV and those who are planning to buy it soon as well. So where are the Hisense TV owners or to-be owners? The problems are not specific to the OS of the brand, but some software and hardware issues trigger various malfunctions in the Hisense TV.

However, you do not need to worry because, in this article, I will discuss the fixes that will serve as a guide for you. Let’s not take more time!

Hisense TV Problems Display Screen Issues

Various problems specifically occur with the Hisense TV screen, and the display gets disturbed. I will discuss each of them in the upcoming points, along with their causes and solutions.

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Hisense TV not Turning ON

This issue is very commonly reported by Hisense TV users on the customer feedback forums. This problem can be resolved in seconds, but let us know the causes first.

Potential Reasons:

  • Hisense TV is not in good health.
  • The system software of the Hisense TV may have any issues.
  • The LED display panel is damaged.

Potential Solutions:

  • Connect your Hisense TV to a different power outlet to check if the power supply or the power outlet is the problem.
  • Ensure that the power cable of the Hisense TV is not damaged. If it has any scratches, replace it with a new one.
  • Replace the power cells or batteries of your remote. If you do not have it, operate your Hisense TV with a Smartphone remote app.
  • Reboot your Hisense TV or perform a hard reset manually or via remote settings.

Hisense TV Black Screen/ No Display

The black Screen problem indicates a defect within the software or hardware. It has possible ways to occur. In the first situation, you will find that the screen is turned black entirely. This is named Hisense TV Black Screen of Death. At this level, the TV does not power on, and even it stops responding to any command. In the next situation, the screen is turned black, but the audio can be heard. At the same time, the last situation is that the screen will go black, and the device will restart constantly.

Potential Reasons:

  • A faulty T-con board can be one of the main reasons for this problem. Also, any other hardware part can turn defective as well.
  • Loose ends of HDMI cables or, in case of torn-out cables, this issue can take place.
  • Outdated system software and bugs in the device can cause this problem.
  • The backlight needs to be changed.
  • Power Supply issues.

Potential Solutions:

  • If you are using HDMI cables, make sure that they are not damaged. Also, ensure that they are firmly connected to your Hisense TV. Clean the HDMI ports and the ends of the cables to wipe out dust particles.
  • Check if your Hisense TV has the latest version or needs to be updated. You can easily look for the updates from the Settings Menu.
  • Conduct a backlight test to ensure it is in a functional position. In the opposite situation, consider replacing it.
  • Contact any technicians or skilled persons to check the T-con board and other hardware parts.

This issue occurs rarely, but if you find your Hisense TV stuck on the logo screen, don’t panic! This is a minor problem that can be resolved in seconds.

Potential Reasons:

  • A power surge or voltage fluctuation.
  • Hardware has been having defects or repaired recently.
  • The firmware needs to be updated, or there are bugs in the system.

Potential Solutions:

  • Connect your TV to some other power socket to fix the voltage fluctuation and inquire if you are having any power supply issues in your area.
  • Power cycle your Hisense TV, and if the issue is not resolved, call a technician to get it fixed.
  • Perform manual Reset via the button located on the back of Hisense TV.

Hisense TV Flickering 

If your Hisense TV is flickering, you have to check for a few things that can cause this problem to fix it instantly.

Potential Reasons:

  • The picture order is disturbed. Also, there is a divergence in resolution and refresh rate.
  • Power supply interruption or hardware defects.
  • The HDMI cable is damaged or not fixed properly.

Potential Solutions:

  • Check the HDMI cables and replace them if you have been using them for a long period.
  • Turn the picture setting of your device to the default settings and adjust it when it seems fixed on the screen.
  • Try to insert the power cable in some other socket to fix the power supply issue.
  • Fix the hardware problems with the help of a professional technician or get assistance from Hisense Customer Support Service.

Hardware and Software Problems of Hisense TV

Both hardware and software are equally important for the smooth functionality of Hisense TV. If any of these gets defective or damaged, it can hurt your Hisense TV. Following are some common hardware and software problems that can frequently occur. Also, the causes and solutions to these problems are listed below so that you can fix them without any fuss.

The LED light of Hisense TV keeps on blinking Red


The red light of the LED serves as an indicator that there is something wrong with the device. Mostly, it is caused by hardware being faulty. Hisense TV has some indication codes to help the user detect the main cause of the issue promptly. These codes depend on the frequency at which red light blinks.

Potential Reasons:

  • If the frequency of red light blinking is two or three, a power supply or circuit failure is causing the problem.
  • A frequency of five indicates the problems with T-con boards. However, the frequency of six suggests that the device is overheating.
  • The backlight issues are indicated with a frequency of seven and eight.
  • If the frequency reaches ten or exceeds ten, this means that the main board is faulty.

Potential Solutions

  • Make sure that you have connected the wires with the proper set of cables.
  • Replace or fix the T-con board as well as the main board with the help of a technician or Hisense Customer Support.
  • Turn off your Hisense TV for some time to get it to the normal temperature.
  • Perform a backlight test to see if it is functioning properly or replace it otherwise.

Hisense TV is Responding Slow


There are multiple reasons why this problem occurs. It can be very frustrating to operate a TV that is lagging and being sluggish. However, you can fix this issue within a few minutes.

Potential Reasons:

  • Corrupted cache files, excessively occupied storage space, or an unstable internet network can cause this issue.
  • If you are running multiple apps in the background, it can affect the device’s functionality.
  • If you have not updated your device settings or if the system is outdated, you can face this issue.

Potential Solutions:

  • Clear all the cache and junk files from the device. Furthermore, delete all the unwanted apps and check the internet connection.
  • Disable the power saving mode, Motion Smoothing, or Motion Enhancement mode.
  • Make sure that your Hisense TV is updated to the latest version.

Hisense TV App is not working


Sometimes, the Hisense TV apps stop functioning due to various reasons. This can ruin your whole mood and make you infuriated. But there is no need to stress; you can fix it in no time.

Potential Reasons: 

  • Internet signal problem or the server of the specific app is slow or under maintenance.
  • Outdated versions of apps or the system firmware need to be updated.
  • Outdated subscription plan or invalid account credentials used for login.
  • The corrupted cache files of the apps have piled up over time.

Potential Solutions:

  • Check your internet speed, contact the service provider or power cycle the Router to fix connectivity issues.
  • Get assistance from the app’s customer support service or browse the Downdetector app to check the server speed of a specific app.
  • Ensure that your subscription plan is valid and ongoing. Enter the authentic login credentials.
  • Remove all the cache and update the app as well as your Hisense TV.
  • Uninstall the specific app and switch off your device. Then, turn it on after 2 minutes and reinstall the app.

Hisense Remote is not Functioning Smoothly


Sometimes, the culprit is someone else other than your Hisense TV. Yes, you got me right! It is the Hisense Remote. If the remote is having some trouble with it, this can cause an interruption in your streaming process.

Potential Reasons: 

  • The remote is broken or cracked.
  • The infrared ray sensors are having problems.
  • The batteries are dead.

Potential Solutions:

  • Replace the batteries if you have been using them for so long.
  • Try using a universal remote or buy a new Hisense remote.
  • Use the Hisense mobile app as a virtual remote to operate your Hisense TV.


Q: How can I fix the Hisense TV that is stuck in USB mode?

A: Ensure that the USB drive is not broken or damaged, and try installing it again into the port. If the issue is not fixed, clean the USB port and the ends of the USB device.

Q: Why is my Hisense TV having sound problems?

A: This problem is usually caused by using external devices like a soundbar. The sound of your Hisense TV device fluctuates between the speaker sound of Hisense TV and soundbar. It can be caused by software problems, internet connectivity issues, or faulty audio settings.

Q: When does Hisense TV error 014.50 occur?

A: It is usually an indication of internet connection problems. The internet network is disturbed due to the usage of VPN. It triggers the error 014.50 of the Hisense TV. To fix this problem, try the following fixes.

  • Decrease the distance between your Hisense TV and the Router.
  • Replace the Ethernet cable if the existing one is damaged.
  • Turn off the VPN and antivirus present in your Hisense TV.
  • Reset the Configuration protocols of your Router.


This article mentions in detail the common problems a Hisense user can face. Moreover, the potential causes and solutions for each of the problems are listed above. You can resolve all the above problems in multiple ways to get positive results. However, if you are stuck on a problem that is not part of this article, you can contact us. Thanks for reading this article!

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