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Sharp TV Power Light Blinking: 7 Simple Ways to Fix It


Is your Sharp TV power light blinking? If yes, then you’re not alone. Several Sharp TV users have complained about this issue. So you might be wondering how they resolved it. Is buying a new TV the only solution to eliminate this problem? Not at all. There are several reasons why your Sharp TV’s power light might be blinking. In this article, we’ll discuss how to fix this issue and much more. So, keep reading to explore this topic more.

Methods To Fix Sharp TV Power Light Blinking

One of the most common reasons behind Sharp TVs’ power light blinking is power issues. Whenever you turn on the TV, the light keeps blinking, which is extremely annoying and frustrating. So here are some of the most effective ways that you can try to resolve this issue. 

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Check the Voltage Of Your TV


In most cases, the fault isn’t in your TV but in the household power supply. So you should check the surge protector or smart plug connected to your TV and ensure it is getting enough power. Here’s how to check it thoroughly. 

  • Power off your Sharp TV and unplug it from the wall socket. 
  • Now remove any surge interruptions that might be hindering the TV’s functioning. So there’s a direct line of contact with Sharp TV. 
  • Use another large device and plug it into the wall socket. Check if that device is working properly. 
  • Now unplug the device and plug your TV back into the wall socket. Turn on your TV using the physical buttons on it. 
  • Solid Red Light: It means there’s not enough power voltage for the TV. 
  • Blinking Red Light: If it blinks five, six, or more times, repeat the same steps but use another wall socket. Power voltage is not an issue here.

Analyze Internal Damage 

The most important parts of your TV display are the T-Con boards and ribbon cables. If any of these parts are damaged, you can notice many screen problems and light blinking problems. Most often, people opt to repair these parts themselves. But it’s not the best idea, especially if you’re not an expert. You should get assistance from Sharp TV’s service center or visit the components repair shop. 

Update Sharp TV Firmware


When you notice a light blinking or glitches problem in your Sharp TV, it’s an indication that you need to update the software. You can update it manually by using a USB. But there’s another method to achieve the same results. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Go to your PC browser and visit the Sharp Product Downloads page
  • Choose your country, category, product name, and software language. Then click on the Next button to proceed to the next step. 
  • Install the software zip file on your PC. Extract it and copy it to your USB drive. Now, remove the USB from your device. 
  • Power on your Sharp TV and add a USB drive to it. 

Go to your TV’s menu and find Digital Setup. Click it and then select the Software Update (USB) option. Here, enter your TV’s model number. 

  • Now, enter your four-digit password and select Enter. Your Sharp TV will then search for a USB drive. 
  • When it’s detected, press Enter two times. Sharp TV will update the software to the latest version. 
  • Your TV will automatically restart. After the update, select Enter and remove the USB drive from the TV. 

It’ll most definitely be of great help in stopping your Sharp TV light from blinking. 

Inspect Connected Cables

Sometimes, light blinking is caused by an impaired TV power cord or external HDMI cables connected to the device. So, how can you solve this problem?

  • Disconnect your power cord from the wall socket. 
  • Now check if there are any signs of damage. 
  • If there’s an irregular power supply, unplug the cord and use another socket. 

Also, check the connecting inputs of your Sharp TV. Make sure cables are properly attached to their ports. It’s a crucial step in maintaining the proper functioning of your Sharp TV. 

Disable Sleep Mode

Sleep mode lets you turn off your TV at a specific time. But sometimes, sleep mode can cause the light to blink. To avoid this, you should turn off this feature in your Sharp TV. Here’s how to do it on some TVs. 

  • Android TV: Go to the launch tab and click the Settings option. Navigate Device Preferences and choose Energy Saver. Now click on disable this option. 
  • Google TV: Open the Home Screen and tap the Profile option. Click on Settings and now choose System. Tap Power and Energy, and you’ll see Sleep Timer. You can disable it now. 

Analyze the Sharp TV Blinking Pattern

The blinking pattern of light can tell you a lot about the issue. Count how many times the light is blinking to identify real issues. Here’s a brief overview of what light patterns might indicate on your Sharp TV

  • Flashing one time: Your TV power light is defective. 
  • Flashing two times: There’s not enough power supply to the Sharp TV. 
  • Flashing three times: Sharp TV cannot communicate with the CPU. 
  • Flashing four times: It happens because of the failure of VSync Trident. 
  • Flashing five times: The device has an intense temperature failure. 

Contact Sharp TV Customer Support 

If you’ve tried all the solutions mentioned in the article but the problem persists, you should contact Sharp TV’s customer support. If your TV is under warranty, you can get it replaced. You can contact the Sharp TV team directly through this number. 


But what if they don’t fix it? Or you don’t have a warranty anymore? You should still contact them and let them know about the issue. Because they might offer you a discount coupon on a future model.


Q: Is your sharp TV power light blinking?

A: Just simple methods to fix this issue. First, check the TV voltage, analyze internal damage, update your sharp TV, and disable sleep mode.

Q: How do I fix the sharp TV power light blinking with no picture issue?

A: Just Simply check your power cycle.


Finding the root cause behind your Sharp TV light blinking can be difficult. However, you can still try the solutions mentioned in this guide to fix the problem. If you’re still facing any problems, don’t hesitate to email us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you 24/7. Not only this, but we have also carefully curated perfect guides regarding how to use your TVs better. Through this, you can elevate your streaming experience. Sounds interesting? Check out this guide here.

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