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How to Fix Hisense TV Black Screen Issue [4 Easy Steps]


The most common but technical issue most Hisense TV users face at any point of usage is the Hisense TV Black Screen red light flashing. If you are among those users, there is no need to panic. This problem occurs as a result of various hardware or software defects. It is also known as Black Screen of Death in technical language. To resolve this issue, it is crucial to figure out the real cause behind it.

In this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons why the Hisense TV’s screen turns black and the potential solution to resolve it. Let’s hop into it!

Possible Reasons for Hisense TV Black Screen

There are several possibilities for this issue to take place. Sometimes, it is caused by severe technical defects. However, in some cases, it is just a minor software issue that causes this issue in your electronic device. There are some additional reasons as well, which you can look for regardless of proper technical skill. They are mentioned below.

  • Damaged HDMI cable or ports.
  • Fault in Chipset.
  • A power surge or unequal distribution of power in the socket.
  • Fixing issues in cables.
  • Disrupted power cable.

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Methods to Recondition Hisense TV Black Screen

Let’s have a close look at the possible ways through which you can troubleshoot this problem within no time, just like a pro. I will jot down each method with simplicity and detail so you can easily understand them and apply them to your Hisense TV Warranty. If any method doesn’t work for you, try using the next one.

Restart your Hisense TV

Restarting your Hisense TV Black Screen is the most straightforward way to fix it. It refreshes the TV settings, removes unnecessary bugs, and revives your TV’s memory. If the issue is not technical, you get it resolved after performing this process. Following are the steps to Restart your Hisense TV.

  • Power off your Hisense TV and ensure that the Power cable is also unplugged.
  • Next, give it a rest for 2 to 3 minutes so that it can cool down properly.
  • Then, place the power cable into the socket and switch on your TV.
  • Now, check whether the black screen issue is resolved or not.

Power Issues

If there are any power supply issues within your area, it can cause a Hisense TV Black Screen with lines. All electronic devices require a particular power voltage to operate smoothly. However, if sufficient power is not available, it can result in a Hisense TV Black Screen red light flashing. Thus, it is very necessary to check if you are having such a problem or not. You can check it by placing the TV wire into some other outlet in your home. If it doesn’t resolve your problem, it means you are having some power supply issues. However, in the opposite case, the issue lies in your Hisense TV or particular power socket.

Furthermore, if you are using outlet extension boxes to connect the TV wire to the power outlet, you must check it. Instead, you should preferably connect the power cable directly to the socket for proper current voltage.


Reinsert the HDMI Cables

 If you are facing a black screen issue on any of your Hisense models, you should check whether the HDMI Cables are in functional condition. To check it, you can follow the given procedure.

  1. Initiate this process by inserting the HDMI cable into some other HDMI port.
  2. Ensure that the HDMI cable is inserted into the port properly and there are no loose ends.
  3. Then, see whether there are any dust particles in the ports or whether it is damaged.
  4. Lastly, select the active input drive on your Hisense TV.

Upgrade your Hisense TV

If you have not checked for the Firmware upgrade feature of your Hisense TV, it can result in a black screen. You can fix this software fault by upgrading your Hisense TV Firmware from the settings. The upgrade procedure varies for the different Hisense TV models due to the varying OS versions. If you want to perform this process on your Hisense Smart TVs, follow the provided guidelines.

Hisense Google TV

  1. Go to the Profile icon.
  2. Move ahead to Settings.
  3. Select the System option.
  4. Click on the About option.
  5. Select System Update.

Hisense Android TV

  1. Open up the Settings panel.
  2. Scroll to Device Preferences.
  3. Click on About.
  4. Select System Update.
  5. Lastly, hit the Update Now option.

Hisense Roku TV

  1. Move the Settings Menu in your Hisense Roku.
  2. Locate the System option.
  3. Now, select System Update.
  4. Choose the Check Now option.
  5. Finally, tap the Update Now option.

Hisense Fire TV

  1. Open the Settings of your device.
  2. Click on My Fire TV.
  3. Look if there is any update available.
  4. Select the Update option (if available).

Hisense VIDAA TV 

  1. Enter into the Settings panel.
  2. Click on Support.
  3. Navigate to the System Update option.
  4. Look for the Firmware Update.
  5. Finally, tap on Update (if available).

How to Perform the Backlight Test

If your Hisense TV is having some trouble displaying the pictures and the screen has turned black, this might be due to the backlight errors. The backlight emits bright rays, which is why you get the content displayed on your TV screen. If none of the above-discussed methods is beneficial for you, try replacing the backlight of your Hisense TV.

However, before having an attempt at it, you should ensure that it is the backlight that is the root cause of the black screen issue. You can verify it by performing the below actions.

  1. Power on your Hisense TV and stream any content on it using the remote controller.
  2. Then, arrange a flashlight or use your mobile’s flashlight and direct it towards your Hisense TV screen.
  3. Move your mobile closer to the screen, move it a bit, and check whether you can see any pictures.
  4. In case you notice any image in motion using the flashlight, it means your blacklight is faulty.

Once you have confirmed that the problem lies within the blacklight, you can connect with any skilled technician or Hisense Customer Support.

Look For the Hardware Issues

After trying all the above, you have not got the desired results, which signals that the issue can be with the T-CON Board. Unfortunately, it is a severe technical issue that a layperson can not resolve. If you have some technical know-how of electronic devices, you can try fixing it at home by opening the back panel of your Hisense TV. However, you should preferably call the Hisense Customer Care Center or any skilled technician to fix it.

Also, check for the other hardware parts to see if they are working appropriately or not. It will maximize the chances to fix your Hisense TV black screen.

Factory Reset your Hisense TV

If you have tried all the possible ways to fix it and the apparent parts are functioning well, the last solution is to perform a Reset. It will clear up all the cache, junk files, and bugs and remove the memory of your Hisense TV. You can easily perform this process by locating the Reset button on the backside of your Hisense TV. Once you have located the Reset button, press and hold it for 30 seconds unless your TV powers off and powers on again automatically. In this way, you can resolve your black screen issue without using a remote. Now, look at whether your issue is resolved.



Q: How does a Factory Reset use a remote controller?

A: You can efficiently perform a factory reset by the process chain. Go to Home Screen> Settings> Advanced System Settings> Factory Reset> Reset Everything

Q: How can I reboot my Hisense TV?

A: All you need to do is turn off your Hisense TV and unplug it from the power socket. Plug the wire into the power outlet after 30 seconds. Lastly, turn on your TV, and the process is complete.

Q: Why is my Hisense TV not proceeding from the logo screen?

A: It can be caused by an unstable internet connection. You should place the router closer to your Hisense TV. However, if the red light is blinking, it means you can have some other issues like standby mode, sleep timer, etc.


This article briefly elaborates on the causes and solutions to fix the Hisense TV Black Screen. Initially, you can apply any of the methods suggested in this article to fix this problem. However, if you feel that the root cause lies in the hardware parts, you should contact Hisense Customer Support or an experienced person to fix it. Moreover, you should buy a new TV if the error is highly technical or hardware-related. This is because the hardware issues are not resolved quickly and also have the chance to reoccur once fixed. If you have any other queries, you can contact us freely. Thanks for your time and attention!

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