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What Channel Is TBS On DirecTV [2024 Guide]


If you are a TV fanatic who copes with your whole day’s stress and fatigue by streaming various shows on TV, you have landed in the right place. Different TV brands come up with numerous TV channels, but what if they do not harmonize with you? Don’t stress! Because TBS on Directv Houston is a streaming service that can save you indeed. It provides a wide range of content and is a jackpot of all channels.

For those who do not know about TBS, it is a wide Broadcasting System that launched back in 1967 primarily as an American channel. It became popular among users due to a variety of engaging and interactive content streamed on it. Thus, the famous AT&T’s Warner Media secured it, considering its strong position in the market.

Now, we will discuss what channel TBS is on DirecTV. Read the following details carefully to know the secret. Let’s continue!

If You Can Stream TBS On DirecTV?

Suppose you have a DirecTV subscription. Congratulations! This is because you are eligible to stream TBS and bring your entertainment experience to the next level. This live TV service is satellite-based and provides a long list of channels with variety for a family. This premium family deal offers news channels, cartoons, sports, movies, music, and much more. The most fascinating thing about this deal is that it is available to the user at very economical prices. You can enjoy TBS with every DirecTV plan. All you need to do is to figure out what channel number is TBS on DirecTV.

DirecTV provides a very simple and interactive interface along with a default guide. This On-Screen guide enables the users to put all the channels in order as per their choice.

You are curious to know what channel number TBS is on DirecTV and if it is the same for all regions. Let’s unveil this secret.

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What Channel TBS on DirecTV


So, this section is specific to the revelation of the above-mentioned secret. So are you Ready? You can easily spot TBS on channel number 247 on DirecTV. Fortunately, this golden number is the same for all the regions throughout the world. DirecTV offers various subscription plans, notably Premier, Xtra, Choice, and Entertainment. The good news is that you can access TBS in all plans offered by DirecTV.

Subscription Plans of DirecTV 

The first and foremost thing is to get a subscription to any of the DirecTV plans. Once you get this process completed, you will be able to select the TBS DirectTV Login channel and add it to your device. Following is the list of various subscription plans from which you can choose one as per your budget.

  • Entertainment: $69.99 per month, including 160 channels and 60 HD.
  • Choice: $84.99 per month, including 185 channels, 85 HD.
  • Ultimate: $114.99 per month, including 250 channels, 115 HD.
  • Premiere: $159.99 per month, including 330 channels and 185 HD.

How To Subscribe To DirecTV’s Subscription Plan

It is very easy to get DirecTV’s subscription plan via its official website. Follow the given points to have one for yourself.

  1. Browse the official website of DirecTV stream.
  2. Look for the Find and Select button and tap on it.
  3. If your country provides you with a ZIP code, enter that code into the provided field.
  4. Choose the subscription plan you prefer and add it to your cart.
  5. Select the channel and your favorite channels that you want to be added.
  6. Now, for storage purposes, choose a cloud DVR.
  7. Then, move towards your cart and press the Check Out button.
  8. Lastly, Provide your payment details to complete the process.

How To Stream TBS on DirecTV 


Once you are done with getting the package, you can easily add TBS on DirecTV. All you need to do is to have a strong internet connection and then follow the provided steps.

  1. Look for the DirecTV channel lineup on the web.
  2. Now, find the Change your TV service option and tap on it.
  3. Select the Change Plan option.
  4. Then, hit the Channel add-ons option.
  5. Choose the channel you want to add and tap on the continue button.

Famous Content Streamed on TBS

DirecTV offers a long list of channels that cater to the choice of all age groups. It enables you to enjoy movies, sitcoms, series, and much more. You can stream a variety of brilliant content other than the original content of this channel. It just takes you to another galaxy of entertainment. Following are the top shows that are preferred by most of the users.

  • Comedy shows: This genre includes shows like Search Party, The Big Bang Theory, Miracle Workers, and The Dress-up Gang.
  • Animation shows: This category includes shows like Final Space, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show.
  • Sports: It involves sports leagues, matches, and various tournaments for its users.
  • Miscellaneous Shows: This section includes different genres, such as Reality shows like Misery Index, Lost Resort, Go-Big Show, and Celebrity Show-off, which are very famous in this domain. Other than that, Variety shows like Conan are also available on TBS.

Methods To Download TBS Videos For Offline Streaming

If you want to download TBS videos so that you can watch them without an internet connection, read further! You can do it via StreamGaGa Video Downloader. With the help of this application, you can download videos quickly. To install the TBS for offline streaming, you should follow the steps below.

  • Visit the official website of StreamGaGa. After that, tap on the Download button.
  • Open the downloaded app and move to the TBS website using the mobile app. Search and choose the video you want to watch.
  • Then, select the language in which you want the video to be streamed. Also, select the audio and subtitles, respectively.
  • Click on the Download Now button and wait for the process to complete.

Once the download process is complete, you can enjoy streaming offline videos without advertisements.


Q: What does TBS stand for?

A: The acronym TBS stands for Turner Broadcasting System, which is a popular streaming service. Moreover, Warner Bros owns this channel.

Q: What are the substitutes for TBS?

A: You can try AMC, Fox, CBS, and NBC as substitutes for TBS.

Q: Is TBS a normal TV channel?

A: Well, it is true. TBS is a normal TV channel, yet you have to pay for it. Ask your cable provider to provide you with a connection to stream TBS on your device.

Q: What is TNT, and what is its channel number on DirecTV?

A: You can stream TNT on channel number 245 on DirecTV. If you have purchased a subscription plan for DirecTV, you can enjoy it for free.

Q: Can I watch TBS on my Roku TV?

A: Yes, you can stream the original content of TBS via its official app, which is available on the Roku Channel Store.


This article thoroughly talks about TBS and DirecTV. After reading this content without skipping anything, you can easily add TBS to DirecTV and enjoy streaming it without any fuss. It also mentions some of the popular shows available on TBS. If you have to ask for more details, you can contact us. Thanks for reading this article!

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