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How to Install & Mirroring IPTV on Hisense TV [2024 Guide]


Are you still paying for cable? If yes, then your streaming experience is about to change. We are about to share an incredible new method that cuts off the fuss of expensive monthly fees. No more dealing with companies knocking at your door for monthly bills and payments. Say goodbye to suffering from constant outages and similar problems.

If you have an IPTV on Hisense TV, you can enjoy the best streaming experience. You don’t even need to purchase a set-top box. All you need is IPTV for your Hisense.  However, there’s a lot of confusion around the IPTV installation process on your Hisense. But don’t worry—this article will answer all your queries. So are you ready?

Let’s dive into it.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television. It’s a service through which you can get access to live TV channels, series, movies, and content by connecting to the proper internet. This service is generally a faster, efficient, and versatile form of on-demand TV. But another concern of users is quality. No one wants to compromise on it.

With IPTV, you can stream content in high resolution without sacrificing quality. The service usually has a sort of set-top box. Compared with a variety of cable and satellite services available, it’s affordable and a much better alternative.

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How to Install IPTV on Hisense TV

Before installing the IPTV app, you should get a subscription plan. Then, opt for M3U or Xtream Codes credentials from the IPTV provider. After these, you can start the next procedure.

Hisense Android TV

To do this process with your Hisense Android TV, follow the method mentioned below.

  • Turn on your Hisense Android TV and connect it to your Wi-Fi.
  • Navigate to the home screen and tap on the three Apps Icon on the side. Now click on the Google Play Store option on your screen.
  • On the Play Store, click the Search icon and enter Televizo IPTV Player.
  • Choose any app from the suggestions and then tap on the Install button. It’ll start the installation of Televizo IPTV Player on your Hisense Android TV.
  • When installation is complete, click on the Create Playlist button. From here, you should choose the M3U or Xtream Codes API playlist on the app.
  • Now log in and add all the necessary details. Choose content that you want to stream and enjoy.

Hisense Google TV

The process is different from loading an M3U or Xtream Codes API playlist on your Hisense Google TV. You should install XCIPTV Player and follow this procedure.

  • Power on your Hisense Google TV. Navigate to the Search option on your home screen and hit it.
  • Enter XCIPTV Player in the search bar. Now check all the available options.
  • Choose the app from the results and click on the install button to begin installing XCIPTV on Hisense Smart TV.
  • Now open the IPTV app. From the pop-up, choose any playlist.
  • Add all the playlist details. That’s how you get the IPTV channel library on your Hisense Google TV.

Hisense Fire TV

When you’re connecting IPTV with Hisense Fire TV, do this. 

  • Go to the home screen of your Hisense Fire TV. Now tap on the Find icon.
  • Go to the Search bar and enter VLC Media Player. Search for all the applications. 
  • Choose VLC from the search results and then click on Download. This will start the installation of your Hisense Fire TV
  • Go to the player and click on the Browsing tab. Hit on Stream and type the link to the M3U Playlist of your IPTV Provider.
  • You’ve successfully added the Stream to one of your favorite channels on Hisense Fire TV.

How to Screen Mirror IPTV on Hisense Smart TV

Most Hisense Smart TV models don’t have IPTV players, such as Hisense Roku and VIDAA TV. In that case, you can utilize the screen mirroring feature. It allows you to stream your favorite content on your Hisense Smart TV. 

From Android Phone

Before doing this process, you must make sure that the screen mirroring option is turned on. Only then you will be able to follow the screen mirror IPTV method on Hisense Smart TV. To enable this feature, do this. 

  • Hisense Roku TV: Open Settings. Then go to Systems and tap on Screen Mirroring. Then click on Screen Mirroring Mode and change it to Prompt or Always. 
  • Hisense VIDAA TV: Install the app known as Anyview Cast on the TV. Click on the screen mirroring device and then tap on Done. 
  • Hisense XClass TV: Navigate Settings options. Turn on the Media casting option. 

Now, your device is ready for mirroring. Follow this method. 

  • Enable the screen mirror. Turn on your Hisense TV and Android phone. Connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi. 
  • Go to the Play Store on your phone. Type TiviMate IPTV Player and install the app. 
  • Once it’s downloaded, open the app and enter your M3U or Xtream Codes API playlist.
  • Log in and go to the Notification Panel on your Android. Tap on the Cast icon. 
  • From the list of active devices, click on your Hisense Smart TV. Your smartphone screen will start sharing on Hisense TV. 
  • Click on the IPTV app and stream your favorite movies, anime, and series simultaneously on TV and Android

From iPhone / iPad

As an iPhone user, the procedure for screen mirroring will vary. To do this, you need to first enable the feature known as AirPlay. This feature isn’t available in Hisense XClass TVs. Let’s see how you can enable this feature in different Hisense TV models. 

  • Hisense Roku TV: Press the home button on the remote. Click on Settings and then choose Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. Click on AirPlay and turn it on. 
  • Hisense VIDAA TV: Go to Settings. Click on Systems and then on AirPlay and HomeKit. Tap on the AirPlay option and then turn it on. 

Now that you know about enabling, let’s dive deeper and discuss this process at every stage. 

  • Enable the AirPlay feature on your Hisense TV. Connect the iPhone and Hisense TV to the same Wi-Fi. 
  • Open your iPhone and go to the App Store. Click on the Smarters Players Lite app and install it. 
  • Go to the IPTV Player app. Add your credentials and log in. Go to the iPhone’s Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.
  • A list of devices will appear. Choose the name of your Hisense Smart TV. Now, your iPhone’s entire display will appear on your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Screen mirroring is now successful. Go to the IPTV Smarters Player app. From here, you can play any content and have fun. 

How to Fix IPTV Not Working on Hisense Smart TV

It is not uncommon to encounter issues with your IPTV, but most often, these problems can be easily resolved. Sometimes, you can’t access the IPTV services of your TV. The reason behind this issue could be your TV or IPTV. So, how can you resolve these issues?

The solution is simple. First, you must identify the problem and devise a solution accordingly. Here are some of the most common problems and solutions for each.

  • Poor internet → Connect the TV to stable WiFi.
  • Outdated IPTV Player → Update it.
  • TV issues → Update your Hisense TV
  • Overload of cache files → Clearing the cache files
  • IPTV subscription expired → Renew the plan

If none of these work, try restarting your Hisense Smart TV. These issues can impact your streaming experience, but as long as you know these quick fixes, you will quickly solve the problem. 

Many users are concerned about whether using IPTV services for Hisense Smart TV is legal.

Yes. You can use these services. There’s no risk in downloading these apps on your devices. Furthermore, they are also accessible through the official Hisense Store. So, let’s look at the best IPTV apps for your Hisense TV.

  • Sling TV: It is a popular live TV streaming service. It provides customizable channel packages, allowing users to choose the channels they want to watch without long-term contracts.
  • Hulu + Live TV: It combines the extensive on-demand library of Hulu with live TV channels, including sports, news, entertainment, and local channels.
  • Philo: It is a budget-friendly IPTV service. Philo is known for its affordability and simplicity.


Q: Is Smart IPTV Available On Hisense Smart TV?

A: No. It’s not available on Hisense Smart TV. However, there’s an excellent way to achieve this. It’s by sideloading the app on your TV. You can do this easily with the help of the app’s APK using Downloader.

Q: Which Is The Best IPTV Player For Hisense Smart TV?

A: If you’re looking for the best IPTV Player for your Hisense Smart TV, you should opt for XCIPTV Player

A: Yes. IPTV is entirely legal on Roku. So, if you’re annoyed by traditional cables and limited streaming experience, IPTV is an ideal choice. It’s a method of consuming media such as TV shows and series in HD quality.


Now you’ve clarity on installing IPTV on Hisense TV and fixing some of the most common troubleshooting problems. You can use these methods to enjoy your favorite Smart TV content. It’s time to level up your streaming experience and get rid of boring and tiring traditional cables.  Do you’ve any queries regarding this topic?  Then, please post your question in the comments section below. Our team will answer it as soon as possible.

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