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Where is the Hisense TV Power Button [Step-By-Step Guide]


Have you just bought a brand new Hisense TV, but there’s a huge mystery that you can’t uncover? It is finding the Hisense TV power button. The location of your Hisense TV power button varies greatly depending on your TV model and other aspects.

Once you know where the button is, you can easily turn on and turn off your TV. By identifying these basic features related to your TV, you can level up the viewing experience. It’s the first step to knowing your TV features and enjoying your favorite shows.

The Hisense TV power button is usually hidden. In this article, we’ll explore the trigger’s reason and where the power button is present. So let’s dive into it.

Why Does Hisense Hide TV Buttons?

If you look closely, you’ll notice that all the latest released TVs from Hisense look aesthetically pleasing. They have thin, sleek designs with attractive designs. However, to achieve these aesthetics, Hisense has to compromise on some features. What are those?

It includes television buttons. Finding these buttons is next to impossible in the latest Hisense models. But there’s an excellent solution for this.

It’s using a remote. So, as long as you’ve remote access, you don’t have to get frustrated about turning on and off your TV.

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Where Is The Hisense TV Power Button?

The placement of the power button on Hisense TV is different. The major factor in this is the type of model you’re using. You should check two locations to find the power button.

  • On the TV
  • Below the IR sensor

The primary location of the Hisense TV power button is usually on the back side, towards the bottom right corner. However, the location may vary slightly depending on the TV model, year of manufacturing, and the smart TV platform you’re using. Remember that the power button is present on all TVs.

There’s another location where you might find the power button. It is underneath the IR sensor, so you can easily find it. But how?

Run your finger underneath the bottom bezel. Right next to the IR and power LED, you’ll find the power button. When the TV is on standby, the red LED light will blink. In some Hisense TV models, the power LED serves as a power button.

Where Is the Power Button On Hisense Roku TV?

On the recent Hisense Roku TV, you can find the power button easily. It is underneath the center of the bottom bezel. But what about older models? Is the power button located in the same place? No. In older models, it is on the bottom and right back of the bezel.


Where Is The Power Button On Hisense TV Remote?

In most Hisense TV remotes, the power button is at the top right or left corner. However, the placement may vary depending on the Hisense TV platform. Here’s what you need to know about the Hisense TV remote.

  • The power button on the Hisense Roku TV remote is at the top center.
  • Meanwhile, on the Hisense Fire TV remote, the power button is located at the top left corner.

5 Methods to Turn On Your Hisense TV Other Than Power Button

If you’re frustrated because you can’t find the location of the power button on your Hisense TV and turning on the television is becoming a hassle, rest your worries. There are several alternative methods to turn on your TV other than the power button.

Using the RemoteNow App

You can use RemoteNow to control your TV. The best part is that you can get full control with your smartphone or tablet. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Install the app on your preferred device.
  • Launch the app. Now, a list will appear, so choose Hisense TV.
  • Follow the instructions to successfully pair the app with your Hisense TV.

Using an Infrared Remote App

Do you have an Android device with an infrared sensor? Then, you can download and install an IR remote app. One of the most commonly used apps in this regard is Mi Remote.

All you need to do is install the app and pair it with your device. Then, just point your phone’s sensor toward the TV, making sure it’s toward the TV’s infrared sensor. That’s how easily you can control your Hisense TV using an infrared remote app.

Using the Android TV App

If the RemoteNow app isn’t working on your device, it’s probably because your device is incompatible with it. But there’s another option for you: using the Android TV App. Ensure that your smart TV has Google Android OS for optimal functioning.

  • Turn on your TV using the power button.
  • Search Android TV App install the ago and launch it on Google Play Store.
  • Now open the app and pair it with your preferred Hisense TV. Now, you can control your TV using the app.

Using the Roku TV App

If you have a Hisense TV with Roku OS, you can control your TV wait. Here’s how you can do it step-by-step.

  • Install the Roku app on your device. After installation, launch the app.
  • Check for all the available devices. Connect with your Hisense TV.
  • To turn on the TV, press the Power button.

Universal Remote

A universal remote is a remote that can be used with any TV or other device. It doesn’t matter what brand or TV model you have.

Suppose you have a GE remote. Can you pair it with Hisense TV? Yes. You can, but you must use the right universal remote code. After pairing, you can use the remote to control your TV.

Troubleshooting Hisense TV Power Button Issues


Tired of constant power button issues? Want an effective solution for it? Let’s discuss some of the common troubleshooting problems you might face and how you can resolve them. Here’s a quick and effective way to make the process smoother.

Common Problem

Most users are concerned about the Hisense TV remote’s unresponsiveness. If you are facing a similar issue then power cycle your TV. Another option is resetting your remote. Try replacing the batteries and checking the input source.

How To Solve?

Some users don’t prefer using a physical power button. In that case, you should install the Hisense RemoteNow app on your smartphone. You can also try other alternate methods mentioned in this article. Opt for a replacement remote.

If your TV power button is unresponsive, you should get a replacement remote. Ensure that the remote is compatible with your Hisense TV model.

Seeking Professional Help

Have you tried all the methods and troubleshooting steps, yet nothing seems to be helpful? None of the tips or solutions resolve your TV issue. Then, you should seek professional help.

The certified technician of Hisense TV has enough experience to assist you throughout the process. Contact customer support by visiting their website and sharing your television problems.

Pro Tip: You need instructions specifically for your TV model. You should check the TV’s user manual or contact Hisense customer service.


Q: Can I Turn On Hisense TV Without a Remote?

A: Absolutely. There are several ways to turn on your TV without using the Hisense TV remote. You can use the Physical Power Button or control your Hisense TV using smartphone apps. You can also turn on the TV by using the power button, which is usually on the backside of the TV. More precisely, check on the back of the television on the lower right side. Press the power button at least once to turn on the TV.

Q: Where Can I Find The Power Button On Hisense TV?

A: The location of the power button is different depending on the operating system it runs on. You’ll usually see power button options on the back side of the TV or side panels of some models. This feature makes it easy to turn on the television.

Q: Do All Hisense TVs Have A Power Button?

A: Yes. All Hisense TVs have a power button, which users can use to turn on and off at any time. The button is usually on the back of the television. If you can’t find the exact location of your Hisense TV power button, check the user manual. If none of these methods seem to work, contact Hisense customer support for expert guidance.


To find the Hisense TV power button, you need to know its operating system. Find out if it’s running ROKU OS, Android TV, or Google TV. But is that important? Yes. Because that’s how you familiarize yourself with the location of the power button. It ensures you have a hassle-free streaming experience.  So, whether you’re using the power button on the remote or television, learning about its placement is crucial. It improves the overall usability of your Hisense smart TV.  Have any questions in mind? Then, email our team of experts today. We are available to assist and guide you regarding your Hisense TV.

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