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Troubleshooting Roku Remote? 9 Ways to Fix It [2024 Guide]


Imagine you ever sit on your couch, ready to binge-watch your favorite series, so you take the remote and increase the volume. But the remote doesn’t seem to work. No matter how much you try, it doesn’t work at all. If you’re facing this issue, then you’re not alone. Many Roku remote users have complained about this issue, which is common and can be extremely frustrating and annoying for viewers. But don’t worry. After reading this article, you can easily fix this problem. You’ll learn some of the most effective troubleshooting Roku Remote steps to eliminate the problem.

So, let’s dive deeper.

Troubleshooting Roku Remote 

The Roku remote may stop working for several underlying reasons, some simple and some far more complex. Here are some solutions you should implement to fix the Roku remote.

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Inspect the Batteries Of the Remote 


The first thing you should do when the Roku remote isn’t working is check its batteries. Sometimes, the batteries run out, directly impacting the Roku remote’s functioning. Gradually degrading performance means issues with the power supply. Generally, Roku remote controls require only two AA batteries. However, some Roku remotes require two AAA batteries. So, how can you find which is suitable for your remote? Check the sticker on your remote. You can access the batteries from the back side of the remote behind the sliding panel. However, this is no longer an issue, as most new Roku remotes can be recharged.

Pairing Roku Remote 


Sometimes, the Roku remote stops working because of improper or poor pairing with the box from which it operates. But why does unpairing happen? It can be due to system impairment, poor internet connection, technical errors, temporary glitches, etc. You can easily pair your Roku remote with a Roku box. Just follow the instructions given below step-by-step.

  • Disconnect the Roku box from the power supply.
  • Now, wait for 10 seconds. Connect your box again and wait until the Home page loads properly.
  • Navigate the Pairing button on your remote control. It is generally present on the front part of the device or in the battery section.
  • Now press the button for five seconds until the Roku remote blinks.

In older Roku models, there’s a precise IR pointer instead of an internet connection. So if you’re using the IR Roku remote, which isn’t working, you should do the following.

  • Clean dirt, which might be blocking the receiver or TV control box.
  • Remove any obstructions on the remote sight directly to your Roku box.

Try Resetting the Roku Remote 


Another method is to reset the Roku remote. Follow this step-by-step process to do so.

  • Take out batteries from your Roku remote.
  • Now, remove the power supply from the Roku box. To do this, go to Settings and then tap on System. Click on System Restart and then Restart.
  • Wait for 10 seconds, and then connect your Roku box to the power supply again.
  • Wait until the Home screen loads. Insert the batteries in the Roku remote. If your Roku remote batteries are rechargeable, hold the pairing button for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Now, remove the power supply from the device. That’s how you can reset the remote, and pairing will not occur unless you reconnect the power supply.

Analyze Any HDMI Interference

If you go to the Roku website, you’ll notice that it mentions that the functioning of some Roku remote models may be impacted by interference from HDMI cables nearby. So, how can you solve this problem? You can solve this issue by using an HDMI cable extender. It allows the streaming stick to be placed further away from the TV’s HDMI port. You might already have an HDMI extender at home, but if you don’t, Roku can ship one to you for free. Just fill out the form on the Roku website to proceed to the next step of getting an extender.

Inspect Your WiFi Connection

If you’ve tried the above methods but the remote is not working, the issue might be in the WiFi connection. But does the Roku remote require WiFi? Not at all. However, to connect with the Roku box, a functioning local network is a must. If the local network is down, the remote will not work until the connection is restored. If you have technical knowledge, you should check the router’s settings and fix them. There might be an underlying issue or problem blocking the remote connection.

Official Roku Remote App

Roku understands the convenience of its users, so it has launched the official Roku Remote app. The best part is that it’s available for both Android and iOS. You can use the remote app temporarily if your remote isn’t working.

  • Before using the app, ensure the Roku device and app are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • When the app is loaded, you’ll see a Discovery screen.
  • Let the process be completed. It might take a few seconds or a minute.
  • A screen of available devices will now appear. From here, choose your Roku box.
  • To make a successful connection, simply tap on the device name.

Now, you can use the Roku remote app as your remote and watch your favorite series. However, it’s not the best decision to use it long-term because there are sometimes delays in connection, and if your smartphone screen locks, you’ll need to reconnect.

Check Specific Settings Of Roku App 

If your remote is not working and you decide to use the Roku app, but it’s unable to connect with the Roku box, there can be multiple reasons behind it. Here are some quick fixes to this issue. Check your settings and ensure you’ve not turned off Network Access. To turn it on, follow this method:

Settings → System → Advanced System Settings → Control with Mobile Apps → Network Access. Make sure that you’ve chosen either Default or Permissive iPhone.

If you’ve connected your phone or Roku box with a VPN, you won’t be able to access the Roku remote app.

Contact Roku Customer Support 

If you’ve tried all the methods in this article but your Roku remote isn’t working, you’ll need expert guidance. So, what can be better than directly contacting Roku customer support? They have a dedicated support team that will assist you in troubleshooting and solving issues related to the Roku remote.

Replace The Remote 

Sometimes, the Roku remote is so damaged that it cannot be fixed. In that case, you should replace it with a new one. You can find different Roku remotes on Amazon. But before getting a new remote, check if it’s compatible with your Roku box and streaming stick. Roku has a detailed guide about the types of remotes that you should purchase. If you want to make a good investment, you should buy a brand-new official Roku remote.


Try the solutions mentioned in this article, and you’ll surely be able to fix your Roku remote. If none of the solutions works, then the last resort is contacting Roku’s customer support. They can provide you with better guidance and relevant solutions to the query. Did we miss any troubleshooting steps? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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