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How to Turn Off Sleep Timer on LG TV [2024 Easy Guide]


A sleep timer is a convenient feature that allows users to program a specific timer for their TV. You can set the Sleep timer on LG TV to auto-power off after a precise time frame. It can be extremely useful for users who are used to sleeping while watching their favorite TV show but don’t want the TV to run the entire night. This way, you will not only save a lot of energy but also a lot of money as it will reduce your electricity bill. Moreover, the lifespan of your TV will increase because of this.

Most users don’t know the exact method for setting the sleep timer feature on their LG TV. This guide will teach you how to do so. So, let’s dive deeper and explore it more.

How To Set Up Sleep Timer on LG TV

Setting up the sleep timer isn’t the same for different LG TV models. It varies somewhat, so you should understand your TV model and follow the appropriate method. Here’s a particular procedure according to your TV model. 

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For webOS 6, webOS 22, or Later

You should follow this method if your TV version is webOS 6, webOS 22, or later. 

  • On your remote control, navigate the Settings key and press it. 
  • Now click on the Sleep Timer icon, which is a clock on the quick settings panel. 
  • Here, you can set a specific timer. After this time, your TV will turn off automatically. 

If you want to access more options, then follow this method. 

  • Go to Settings and then tap on All Settings. 
  • Now go to Menu. Here, you should select General. 
  • Scroll down until you see the System option. Click System. 
  • After that, choose Time & Timer. This is often followed by Timers, which are in the next sub-menu. 

Other than the Sleep Timer function, you’ll find other options in the Timer menu. These include:

  • Power On Timer 
  • Power Off Timer

You can set your LG TV to turn on or off automatically according to your designated input source at the entered time. You’ll also see another incredibly energy-saving feature: Auto Power Off after 2 Hours. This feature allows the TV to power off without user interaction for at least two hours. Ensure that you’ve entered an accurate time and date. You can check it by going to the Time & Timer menu. If any data is inaccurate, there might be an error when setting the Power On/Off Timer. 

For webOS 5.0 / 4.0

Follow this procedure if you’ve checked your TV and it is webOS 5.0 / 4.0 version. 

  • On your remote control, press Settings. Now go to All Settings. 
  • Scroll down until you can see the General tab, and then choose Time from all the options. 
  • Tap on Timers at the bottom and click on Sleep Timer in the given submenu. 
  • From here, pick a specific time between 10 and 240 minutes. Remember that you want your LG TV to go into a different mode after this time.

You can also access the Power On/Off Timer option from the Timer menu to configure your TV to turn on or off at a given time. Make sure the date and time of your LG TV are accurate so there are no errors during this method. Here’s another method for quick access to the timer. 

  • Click on Edit mode in the quick settings panel
  • Select the Add icon. 
  • Now you can pick a Sleep Timer.

For Older webOS Versions

If you’re using older webOS versions, then don’t worry. You can still utilize this feature. Just follow the method mentioned below step-by-step. 

  • On your remote control, find the Home button and press on it. Then, choose Settings from the options. 
  • Now select the Time option, which is present on the sidebar. Now scroll down and click Sleep Timer.
  • From here, you can set it to anything from 10 to 240 min to your liking. 

In the newer webOS versions, the LG TV’s Auto On/Off Time setting is available in the following menu. The Off-Time feature auto-activates the standby mode on scheduled hours and minutes. Meanwhile, with the On Time function, your TV will turn on automatically and switch to a designated program at a set volume. 

What Are Benefits of Using Sleep Timer on LG TV

There are several benefits to using the sleep timer function. Below are some benefits that tell us that every user should use this advanced feature. 

Saves A Lot Of Energy 

If you leave your TV powered on the entire night, much electricity is wasted, contributing to an increasing carbon footprint. But with a sleep timer, your TV goes standby after a specific time, thus saving you money on energy bills. That’s how you can play your part in contributing to a greener planet.

Improves Lifespan Of TV

If you continuously use your LG TV for long periods, its lifespan can decrease. If you have an OLED model, the chances are high, as it’s more susceptible to burn-ins and image retention issues. With a sleep timer, your TV turns off after a specific time, thus extending its lifespan.

Enhances Quality Of Sleep

Many studies have shown that watching TV before bed can negatively impact sleep quality. Moreover, you might feel groggy the next day. However, by configuring the Sleep Timer, users can limit their exposure to TV before bedtime, thus leading to better sleep.


Q: Can I Cancel The Sleep Timer Once It’s Activated?

A: Absolutely. You can cancel the sleep timer before it shuts off the TV automatically. Just go back to the sleep timer settings. Now, disable or adjust the timer according to your preferences.

Q: Why Limit TV Time?

A: People can catch many diseases due to excessive screen time and regular exposure to poor-quality programming. Obesity is directly linked to this. It also contributes to inadequate sleep schedules and insufficient sleep. Some users have also complained about behavior problems caused by watching TV excessively.


Setting up a sleep timer on LG TV is an easy method with several benefits. It offers a convenient solution so users can manage viewing times and promote healthy sleep habits. You can use this feature while enjoying your favorite content and ensuring your TV doesn’t stay on unnecessarily. Incorporate a sleep timer into your daily routine to get the maximum benefits of improved sleep quality and energy efficiency. So, are you ready to enjoy a more peaceful and eco-friendly viewing experience? Follow this guide to effortlessly program your LG TV sleep timer function. If you have any more questions, then post them in the comments. Our team of experts will respond to you.

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