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How to Access Paramount Plus On LG TV [2024 Guide]


LG TV is among one of the rapidly growing brands of Smart TVs. The best part is that LG TV keeps introducing new and advanced technical features for users. That’s why LG TV has introduced the Paramount Plus app for the latest Paramount Plus on LG TV models. 

With this app, you can access a variety of shows, popular series, originals, and movies from BET, CBS, MTV, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, etc. Not only this, but you can also view live news and sports events. Every Paramount Plus app user can find something according to their liking here. But the main question is how to log in. How do you stream content? In this guide, you’ll learn about the Paramount Plus app and much more.

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How To Access Paramount Plus On LG TV

Paramount+ is supported on LG TVs running webOS 4.0 or higher (2018—current models). So, let’s dive deeper and learn how to sign up and access this platform.

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Sign Up For Paramount+

Follow this method if you want to sign up for Paramount+ on your LG TV.

  • Open the Paramount+ app and click on Sign Up. An access code will appear on the TV’s screen.
  • Go to on your smartphone or computer browser. After entering the access code, tap on Activate lg tv activation code paramount roku.
  • Now, you can choose a subscription plan that suits you. Then click on Continue.
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to create an account on this platform. If you already have an account, just sign in.
  • Add the necessary payment details and then select Start Paramount+.
  • A confirmation screen will appear. Confirm the subscription, and you can now stream content on Paramount+.

Stream Paramount+ For Existing Subscribers

The streaming method might vary slightly if you already have the Paramount+ app. Here are two ways to sign in.

On Your LG TV

  • Click on Sign In.
  • Choose the option On my TV.
  • Add your email address and password. Remember, it should be the same as when you subscribed to Paramount+. Now click on Sign In.

On Your Device

  • Open the Paramount+ app. Now click on Sign In. 
  • Choose the option On the Web. 
  • A website and a code will be displayed. Write down the code on a piece of paper or somewhere safe. 
  • Go to on a computer or mobile browser. 
  • Enter the activation code and click on Activate. Now refresh the screen, and you can stream Paramount+ on your LG TV. 

How You Can Switch Your Paramount+ Plan


Suppose you signed up for Paramount+ on the LG TV but want to change the plan. Is there a way to do it? Yes. Remember that you can’t directly switch the Paramount+ plan on your LG TV. Here are the steps you should take. 

  • Visit
  • Go to your profile, which is in the top right corner. Now, a drop-down menu will appear. Choose Account from it. 
  • Click on Change Your Plan. Here, you can select the new plan. 
  • After changing the plan, your new changed plan will be updated on your Account page.  

Update Paramount+ Billing Information 

You should follow this procedure to change or update Paramount+ on the LG TV. 

  • Go to on a desktop or laptop. 
  • Select Edit Billing/Payment Information. 
  • Change or update the payment information accordingly.  

How To Resolve Paramount+ Streaming Issues


Paramount+ is an incredible platform that gives you access to a wide variety of content. However, sometimes, you might encounter issues. Here’s how to resolve them. 

Restart Your Device

If you’re having trouble streaming, you should restart the device. You can do this by power cycling your LG TV. Here’s how. 

  • Unplug the power cord of the TV from the outlet. 
  • After unplugging, navigate the power button on the remote. Hold and press it for 15 to 30 seconds. The power button is also present on the back side of the TV. 
  • Now plug in all the power cables into the TV or other. Turn on the TV to check if the problem is resolved. 

Force Close Paramount+

If the Paramount+ app keeps crashing, you should try force-closing the app. To relaunch your TV, follow these steps. 

  • Power of the LG TV. Now unplug it from the power source. Keep it unplugged for 30 seconds. 
  • Reconnect the power source. 
  • Power on your TV. Now relaunch the Paramount+ app.

Update To the Latest Version

Sometimes, when you’re using an outdated version of an app, you might face glitches or bugs. In this case, you should try updating your app to the latest version. Often, there are automatic updates, but you can also check for this manually. 

  • Go to the Menu button and click on it. 
  • Scroll down and choose the option System.
  • Click on Check for Updates. If there are any updates, install them for smooth streaming. 

Find Your IP Address Or Device ID 

If you’re facing issues while streaming live TV, such as the video taking forever to load or a black screen appearing on the TV, then you should contact customer support. They’ll ask for your IP address or device ID when you contact them. To resolve this problem, you should know both of them. Here’s how to find them. 

To Find Your IP Address:

  • Click on the Menu button on the remote. Choose the Network option. 
  • Now tap on System Information. Select Ethernet/WIFI connection. 
  • Choose Advanced and then tap on IP address.
  • Your TV’s current IP address will appear. If you’re using a router to connect to an ISP, it’ll be a private IP address. 

To Find Your Device ID

  • Open the Paramount+ app. 
  • Go to Settings. Then tap on Support. 
  • The Device ID will be displayed on the Support screen. 

How To Turn On Accessibility Features

There are many ways you can turn on closed captions. Some of them are as below. 

From Video Player

  • Click on your desired movie. 
  • Tap on the CC button. 
  • It’ll turn on the Closed Captions. 

On LG Remote Control/LG Settings 

  • Go to the Settings button from your remote. If you’re on the home screen, click on the Settings icon. 
  • From this menu, click on Accessibility. 
  • Under the option Closed Caption, choose On. 

If you want to style closed captions to your liking, here’s what you should do. 

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Click on Closed Captions. 
  • Choose the desired style of closed captions. 

How To Cancel Paramount+ Subscription

If you’ve signed up for Paramount+ on the LG TV but want to cancel the subscription, here’s how. 

  • Go to Now click on user initials, which are in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select the option Account. 
  • Scroll down until you see the Cancel Subscription option. Now click on it to cancel the subscription successfully. 


In a nutshell, Paramount Plus’s integration with LG TV provides a smooth and excellent way for users to access their favorite content. In this article, you’ve explored the importance of Paramount+ and several other aspects that will help you easily use this app. Whether enjoying exclusive shows or streaming your favorite movies, Paramount Plus on LG TVs offers users a captivating and immersive entertainment experience. Do you still have any more questions? Reach out to our team of experts today.

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