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How to Get VH1 on Roku [2024 Guide]


If you are an American Native or residing there, you must have heard of the VH1 on Roku channel. It is a popular American cable network that enables you to access a variety of original series, music videos, and reality shows. This channel is supported by Roku and is natively available on the Roku Channel Store. Thus, Roku users are privileged to get it anytime from the Channel Store and binge-watch the desired content as per their choice and preferences. 

This broadcasting network enables you to enjoy some popular shows. These include RuPaul’s Drag Race, Black Ink Crew Chicago, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Cartel Crew, etc. Another way to stream the VH1 app is to have an active  TV cable subscription. It would help you to sign in to the particular app with the account details of the TV cable provider. In this article, I will provide you with complete details about the installation and activation process of the VH1 app. Other than that, I will mention some genuine live streaming services that are compatible with streaming the content of the VH1 app.

Without losing any time, let’s have a closer look at it!

Features of the VH1 App 

VH1 app offers a number of valuable features to its users. Some of the notable and beneficial features are mentioned below.

  • VH1 app allows you to enjoy exclusive and innovative content including deleted scenes, cast reactions, bonus clips, etc.
  • VH1 never compromises on the quality. All the video content is available in full HD streaming quality.
  • This app can be streamed on different devices at the same time. In this way, you can enjoy streaming VH1 with your friends and family.
  • VH1 attracts a wide audience by offering media content from different genres, expanding their entertainment choices.

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How To Get the VH1 on Roku TV 

Luckily, the VH1 app is present on the Roku Channel Store enabling the Roku users to get it within seconds. Follow the given steps to get it done.

  • Power on your Roku TV and hop to the Home screen.
  • Before that, connect your Roku TV to a stable internet connection.
  • From the left side pane, select the Streaming Channels option.
  • Scroll down to the Search Channels option and tap on it.
  • Type VH1 in the Search field of the Roku Channel Store to find the specific app.
  • Pick the desired app from the list of Search Suggestions.
  • Then, tap on the Add Channel option from the info page of the app.
  • It will begin the installation process. Once it gets completed hit the OK button to proceed.
  • Now, launch the recently installed app by clicking on the Go to Channel option.

Alternative Method To Add VH1 App on Roku TV 

If you do not want to install the specific directly from the Roku Channel Store, you can get it via your Android or iOS device. The process is very simple and easy. Following are the steps to do so.

  1. Connect your Android or iOS device to a stable and identical internet connection to which your Roku TV is connected.
  2. Launch the Roku app on your Android or iOS device.
  3. Then, enter your Roku account details to complete the Sign-in process.
  4. Select the Devices tab placed in the bottom right corner of the app.
  5. Click on your Roku TV from the list of available devices.
  6. After this step, your Roku TV will be paired with your Android or iOS device. Now, hit on the Channels tab.
  7. From there, hop to the Channel Store and search the VH1 app in the Search bar.
  8. Identify the required app from the Search results and tap on it.
  9. Lastly, select the Add Channel option. You find the app in the Streaming Channels list on your Roku TV within a day. Otherwise, you can update your Roku TV to get it immediately.

How To Activate the VH1 app on Roku TV 

  • Open the VH1 app from the Channel list by tapping on it.
  • You will get an activation code on your Roku screen. Pen it down.
  • Using your Smartphone or PC, browse the official activation website of the VH1 app. You can directly reach the website by pressing on the given link (
  • Type the activation code in the respective area and press the Continue button.
  • Enter the account details of your TV cable provider and log in to the app. It will bring you to the Homepage of the VH1 app.
  • Finally, select any of your favorite programs and enjoy streaming VH1 on your Roku TV.

How To Stream VH1 app on Roku TV Without Cable 

If you do not own a cable subscription and want an alternative to stream VH1 on your Roku TV, No worries! You can do it through live streaming services that support the content of VH1. Following are some popular live streaming services that you can use to watch the VH1 content on your Roku TV.

  •  Philo TV 
  • Sling TV 
  • YouTube TV 

Philo TV 


Philo is a great streaming service that enables you to enjoy many other channels other than VH1. It charges $25 per month in exchange for this service along with the 7-day free trial period. This service is compatible with various streaming devices such as Smart TVs, Tablets, Media Players, Phones, etc. Most importantly, it gives access to a content library containing more than 25000 channels.

Sling TV 


Sling TV is a versatile streaming service that enables you to stream VH1 content on your Roku TV. The basic subscription package of Sling TV begins at $35 and extends to $50 every month. The Orange plan of Sling TV is most suitable to watch VH1 on your Roku TV. You can enjoy a wide range of TV shows and episodes of VH1 by getting the Sling Orange plan.

YouTube TV 


YouTube TV is the most reliable and widely used streaming service. It is compatible with various streaming devices including the Roku TV. You can buy the YouTube TV subscription for $64.99 monthly. Under the package, you can enjoy unlimited cloud DVR storage to save your favorite content and stream it later. Moreover, you can stream it on three devices at a time.


Q: If Amazon supports the VH1 app?

A: Yes, VH1 can be easily streamed after subscribing to Amazon Prime Video.

Q: How can I enable the 24/7 free pass of VH1?

A: The process is very simple, just browse the official website of VH1. Next, select the Start 24-hours free pass button. Enter your account details such as Email ID and account password. After that, you can enjoy a 24-hour free trial service.


To sum up, this article is curated to guide you through the installation and activation process of the VH1 app. This app is a jumbo pack that enables you to enjoy music, films, series, and TV shows. If you are a person who loves listening to music and enjoying the latest movies and series, VH1 is an ideal choice for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go! Get a TV cable subscription or buy a subscription plan for any of the live-streaming services according to your budget. In case you encounter any trouble in this process, you can contact us. Highly Obligated to have your Attention and Time!

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