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Why are Hisense TVs So Cheap to Other? Here Are The Reasons


When it comes to buying a smart TV at affordable prices, the first name that comes to my mind is Hisense TV a good brand. It offers different models at economical prices with a guaranteed excellence of performance. But a question triggered into my mind: how does this company manage its business profits and staff salaries when it is providing top-notch services at these low prices? Therefore, I dug deep into its working mechanism and found some common secrets to why Hisense devices are so cheap. The thing that makes Hisense TV unique from others is that it never compromises the quality of the product. In this article, I will discuss some major reasons why Hisense TVs are so cheap. Let’s learn more about it!

Reasons why Hisense TVs are so Cheap

There are six major reasons why Hisense TVs are sold at lower prices. They are listed below.

  • Expansion Phase of Hisense TV.
  • labor at Economical Wages.
  • Strategy to Compete in the Cluttered Market.
  • Monetization of Hisense TV Before Purchase.
  • Hisense TV keeps the structure Simple.
  • Hisense positions itself as an economic brand.

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Expansion Phase of Hisense TV

Sony, LG, and Samsung are the brands that are considered the business giants of this market. They offer quality products at premium prices because of their goodwill in the market. On the other hand, Hisense TV is on the way to establishing its brand credibility in the market. Thus, it tries different strategies to grow its audience or buyers. It builds the business strategies considering the psyche of its target audience. Therefore, Hisense TVs are so cheap compared to giants in the market.

Labor at Economical Wages

The manufacturing industry and labor of Hisense TV lie in China. The Hisense TV company outsources the labor from China to get the most out of available resources. The wages of laborers in China are low and affordable, which ultimately lessens the total cost of production. Thus, the Hisense company sells its TVs at cheap prices and manages its profit smartly. In this way, they are persistent in making a strong market presence.

Strategy to Compete in the Cluttered Market

In this modern era, Smart TVs have become an essential electronic device. Similarly, the market has been saturated with a lot of different TV brands. This has made the competition even more challenging. Therefore, small or new brands like Hisense TV play on strategic grounds to stay and excel in the competitive market. Thus, they sell their articles at low prices. In this way, they attract more and more audience towards them and successfully create a brand identity over time.

Monetization of Hisense TV Before Purchase

Hisense TV not only makes a profit by selling a device to you, but it doubles the profit margin in other ways as well. Hisense company tracks the consumer activity on the device. In this way, it gathers up the data of the users streaming different programs. This data is then sold to the relevant advertisers, and Hisense gets its margin for providing the required information.

Other than that, various paid advertisements run on the Hisense TV interface, which is a commission source for Hisense. The Hisense TV models range from the traditional ones to the latest Smart TVs. It is compatible with different operating systems, including Roku OS, Google TV OS, Fire OS, and Android OS.

Depending on your watch history, you will be shown the relevant content. In this way, different streaming channels and Hisense earn additional profit together even after selling the product. However, it is not legal to spy on the user’s activity once the product is sold. However, many companies follow the same pattern to earn profit.

Hisense TV Keeps the Structure Simple

Hisense TV incorporates mid-range hardware sources in their devices. Hence, it sells smart TVs at cheap prices. In some models of Hisense TV, advanced features are not available, so you should be aware of the features each model has. Some common structural changes include keeping the TVs lightweight and marginalizing the cost by using medium-quality processors. Due to their lower weight, the performance of Hisense TV models matches that of other renowned brands in the market.

Hisense Positions Itself As an Economic Brand

As Hisense TV is in the process of establishing its brand name in the market, it does not compete with the market giants. Initially, Hisense is working to make its brand credible and affordable among the target audience. Hisense business strategy is to provide features that resemble the features of popular brands but at minimal rates. It enjoys its position in the market on the USP of Economic prices, which attracts the attention of a large number of people.


Q: What is the shelf life of Hisense TV devices?

If you take care of its maintenance and not use it severely, it has an average shelf life of 5 to 9 years. However, the situation might be the opposite if you have installed excessive apps and don’t take care of maintenance.

Q: What is the starting price of Hisense TV models? 

The starting price of Hisense TVs is $140, which is very cheap compared to the other brands in the marketplace.

Q: Should I buy a Hisense TV?

Yes, if you are looking for TV brands that are affordable and reliable at the same time, you can add Hisense to your checklist. Hisense TV can be a good option for you as it doesn’t compromise much on the product specifications and features.


In this article, I have shed light on the secrets behind why Hisense TVs are so cheap. The USP and the manufacturing strategy have been the main points on which Hisense is playing around in the market. If you are looking for a smart TV at an affordable price, you can try shopping from Hisense. However, be conscious of the model and its specifications so that you can have maximum fun. Hopefully, you have got everything cleared after reading this article. Yet, if you want more information on this topic, you can contact us. Thanks for reading this article!

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